Help Build a Community One Book at a Time

HoneyBooks is creating a safe space for children to feel represented in the books they read. We believe that having a diverse environment will help foster positive self-esteem and self-image.  Our products are carefully curated to help show positive images.  By supporting children's mental health we can have a world of cans instead of cannots.


The owner Crystal Charles has worked with children for over 15 years. During her days as an educator, she noticed that childhood depression often goes unaddressed. Children are being forced to fit into a world that is not fully prepared to provide for them. HoneyBooks was created with the well-being of every child in mind. We offer a unique experience that is needed in today's world. We curate books that positively represent people from BIPOC communities, as well as LGBTQIA+ and differently-abled bodies.  We value the social and emotional well-being of every child and their families. We also believe that your socioeconomic status should not determine your approach to literacy. This is why HoneyBooks strives to acquire books at a lower discounted price.  But we can do more...


"It takes a village"
It is not an easy task to ask for help. However, it is time for us to take HoneyBooks to the next level, but we cannot do this without you. To help our community and deliver our core values, we need to expand. HoneyBooks is run solely by one person, the person who started this journey, owner Crystal Charles. She has been financially, physically and mentally putting all she can into making sure HoneyBooks stays open. She has worked part-time to cover the costs of rent, insurance, maintenance,  etc. However, it is not enough to make the changes we need.

We want HoneyBooks to become an experience! We need to create a space where people will walk in and feel the magic. HoneyBooks has been happy to host camps and community centre visits. However, it has come to our attention that some children are not able to participate in purchasing a book.  So we have decided to add a new program to our funding.  This program is called, "Sponsorship Day". On this day a chosen camp, school, or community centre group can shop for free.  Each child can get one book and one stationery for free.

Crystal's vision is to create a space for young people to come together through book clubs, group talks, and weekend activities.

Your donation will be going towards the following projects:

1. Getting a sign for the physical location

"YOU NEED A SIGN!" This is what we have heard many times when customers come to the store.  We often get people who have passed by because the sign that is there is from the previous owner. 

2. Renovating the backyard/outdoor reading space

We were able to convince the owner of the building to allow us to transform the backyard into an outdoor reading/learning space. This space will be for learning about our native plants and flowers. A lot of hard work has gone into creating this outdoor educational space.  Weeds have been pulled, perennials have been planted, and mulch has been laid. Now, all that needs to be done is putting down the pavement to make sure the space is wheelchair accessible and add some sparkle to make everything shine.

3. Renovating our location which includes:

HoneyBooks is all about happiness and our location needs a little update when it comes to colour. We would hire a local artist to add a special touch; add new equipment, and update our POS system.

4. Purchasing more diverse books from around the world for all ages

We value individuality and what makes us all unique. HoneyBooks needs to bring this unique quality by purchasing books from authors around the world.  Imagine reading a book in Italian or Tagalog.

5. We would hire new staff to help with daily activities as well as entertaining ideas such as:

A doula to talk about childbirth options
  • Child therapists to help with bullying, or back-to-school anxieties
  • Special needs experts
  • sexual education expert
  • With all your help together we can make HoneyBooks a place where all children can feel that they belong in this world.

You are much appreciated for caring and thinking about this small bookstore on the corner. 


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