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Build a Church in Kampala

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Twenty-Five years ago, a Children's home in Kampala, Uganda, took in a young boy who was living on the street, his parents had both died of Aids.  Mathew 'Santid' was a talented young football player, who always had a song in his head.  He grew up there and eventually went to University, which allowed him to set his course in a life, a much better finish to his childhood than the start.

Santid (His Ugandan Name), was busy carrying on with life, had some success as a footballer for a while and was also taking bookings as a singer.  He is now 33, married to Birungi and has two beautiful little girls, Vera (6) and Vida (3).  Birungi is also carrying their third child. 

A few months ago he was having a routine operation, which went wrong and he ended up in a coma.  God came to him and basically asked him why he was wasting his life.  When he came around from the coma he truly felt called to street preach and plant a Church.

Santid, wasted no time once he got better, he's been on on the street preaching almost every day.  He planted 'King Jesus Palace Church' in the living room of his home on the 23rd of September.  Within weeks the congregation outgrew that, so he said, let's build a temporary structure in the backyard.  He sold his small car and then work started on the footings.

You'll see some of the pictures below.  Recently the rain was so heavy it's breaking through the plastic sheeting they have constructed.

This Christmas, could we do something different ?  Would you consider giving a gift to this project so that the community in this area of Kampala can benefit from all the Church will do.

Bless you at Christmas

Carl Brettle, Adam May & Gareth Killa



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