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Hi guys. As some of my friends may know, I was gifted a place at a very special retreat in Bali next year. I want to go but I would need to stay in an accessible place with the right accomodation as the retreat is just being set up by a dear friend & I would love to be able to support him in his new venture. I have wanted to see more of the world for many years, but as we all know life has a habit of messing up plans & since diagnosis of muscular dystrophy, my rapid decline in health & now recently needing a feeding tube.. the only thing I have managed to do so far is long breaks in NHS hospitals.  After much deliberation & a push in the right direction from friends. I decided to brave it & set up a go fund me page to ask for donations towards the cost of flights & travel to Bali.  I have only ever been abroad once in my life & seeing how life can change so quick, I decided it was about time I started creating memories & experiencing things. Before it turns to regret.  Asking others for help for charity is what I am used to but asking for myself does not sit well with me, but if I don't bite the bullet so to speak, these oppourtunities will pass me by.  I am in need of funding to get to Bali.  I need to make a start on my bucket list.  If you can help  even in a small way. I would be ever so grateful.  To be able to make it to Bali would be an awesome start ❤❤❤ Thank you  Gems xx ⭐⭐A Bit About Me ⭐⭐ For those who don't know me & who find themselves here at my gofundmepage. My name is Gems. I am 36, I am a Mum to two teens. I have a type of Muscular Dystrophy called Limb Girdle. Muscular Dystrophy is a primary muscle wasting disease where there is currently no cure. Over time muscles waste & weaken resulting in mobility issues & in some cases respiratory/ heart & swallow problems arise. In my family myself & my Brother have a type of Limb Girdle called Limb Girdle type 2A. which starts off with weakness & wasting of the hip abductors/ shoulder girdle.Over time it can affect all the voluntary muscles from the trunk of the body out to the distal muscles. Unfortunately, possibly due to an extra mutation on exon 13 of our chromosone ( limb girdle 2a is only seen on exon 10 of our chromosone) I have recently had to be fitted with a PEG tube into the stomach. This is due to my eosphegus becoming weak & no longer able to push food or drinks down into my stomach. ( This is rare in limb girdle 2a) I am totally dependent on a powerchair to get about. I have daily pain & weakness. Extreme fatigue & an irregular heartbeat. I have to spend more days in bed than not. More recently I have been suffering from severe sickness & gastro issues relating to my digestive system. I am no longer able to eat foods. This is due to weakness & dysmotility of my eosophegus. Hence why I now have to be tube fed directly into the stomach. This issue in particular has become a nightmare to live with & with things changing so quickly in relation to my disease progression. It is a challenge on a daily basis. Which brings me to the reason I decided to set up a gofundme page to help with getting to experience & travel to some places, starting with Bali, before I am no longer able to travel. Thank you so much for reading
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