Brittle bones, the legacy of COVID continues...

On the plus side you totally covered not only the previous COVID expenses but also some lovely gifts for all the medics, with a little left over to start some health insurance. I aimed for the cost of the bills plus a little for gifts and you smashed it.
The bad news is the insurance are refusing to pay for any ‘complications’ as the new policy is only a month old.
So the news is : after a coma and 6 weeks in bed as well as massive muscle atrophy your bones get very weak. Like a dickhead I was going back to life as normal as possible, as fast as possible.
I was on my way to day to my second day of boot camp, only about 20mph and hit a patch of oil with no other vehicles or even people around and span off my bike and just putting my foot out to stop the spin snapped my leg in 3 places. My foot was turned around 180 degrees and flopping off the end of my leg like a grotesque fish.
Luckily a neighbour saw from window and rushed out to help. I knew enough to know not to move an inch. the police and ambulance came and were awesome. but until you get scanned and see a specialist there isn’t much they can do legally. So nearly 12 hours passed of a pain you can’t imagine. All I could think was ‘SERIOUSLY!? I literally just got out of hospital!’ I was mostly petrified of getting COVID again with patients coughing all around me. A shattered leg is like a birthday present compared to Delta.
So I was lying there in agony while admin types have an insurer on the phone who won’t pay. Classic ‘computer says no’. Remember, I am a foreigner in another land with different rules, all completely fucked by Brexit. It is a POSH private hospital too. Lucky I get my bike insurance to at least take over the discussions while I am tripping my tits off. They ‘may’ cover it.
I’m starting a new crowdfund. It’s not just cheeky but bordering on the obscene perhaps. It’s more a case of yet again going back to square one physically, being bed/housebound for months AGAIN and not being able to move, shop, exercise, go to therapy (not covered regardless) buy loads of takeaways and generally be set-back again for a long, long time. I may have mentioned due to the previous coma my left leg has no feeling. So now I am gammy on both pins. I will walk again. I just have no idea when. I have to buy a wheelchair, home aids, hire private help. Can't even go to the toilet without assistance.  
I’m not making a general appeal. This is to the people who have already helped, ironically. I don’t think it will make sense to the general public. Seems like a zero sympathy scenario maybe. It’s not a huge expense this time. But like I said before ; I can’t work, there’s no welfare here or from the UK and frankly why should there be? I simply don’t qualify and that is fine. I will not beg the state, either of them. It’s not on. I am scraping by, but until I can tour with confidence (safely for you as well as me) next year, I foresee further difficulties with this new, added impediment.
Just a tenner will make a huge difference. I’m doing what I can from a chair but it’s just not enough.
If you can pitch-in a wee bit more It would mean a lot and hey, listen, if you have questions just ask. It’s not like I haven’t got time and am never online ;)
Pre-COVID the idea of asking for help from anyone, state, friends or even family was utterly inconceivable. 2 years-plus down the line I have no problem at all with it. And I also learned people ‘aint so bad after all. Some of you are actually alright ;)
Spread the word if you think anyone might care. And if I have to come there next year and DJ from a wheelchair, believe me I will do it!
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