Bring them home safe-support returning Nepalis

Nepal has been on lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19 for more than two months. While needs for food relief have been increasing everyday in the Kathmandu valley, a much bigger disaster has been unfolding in the mid- and far west of the country, where thousands of Nepalis have been trying to make their way home from their places of employment in India, with some reports saying up to 3500 people per day are crossing in.

Upon reaching the Nepal border they are often forced to wait days to be allowed onward, while the government struggles to test them before they can go to their villages. Even after entering Nepal, thousands are stuck at the provincial border to Karnali province without food or water as the local government does not yet have sufficient test kits to test this volume of people and is forcing them to stay on the road in the meantime. Though efforts have started to set up water stations, toilets, and food relief at the border, the needs are huge due to the sheer volume of people coming back.

After learning of the horrible conditions many Nepalis are facing while simply trying to get home safely, we are raising funds to provide the minimum supplies to sustain them en route.

Your $10 donation will provide an emergency travel bag to a returnee in need containing:

1kg chiura (beaten rice)
1kg dalmot (lentil-based dried food)
1 pkt dried apples
1 bottle of water
2 packs oral rehydration salts
1 piece of chocolate
1 small towel
1 bar soap
1 bottle hand sanitizer
1 toothbrush and paste
1 sanitary pad/cloth
1 set mosquito coils

We will work with trustworthy local partners on the ground between Surkhet and Nepalgunj to procure these goods from the local market and distribute. Your funds will go from a US bank account to a local account in Nepal, and we will regularly update you on the progress of distribution and the evolving situation.

We are a concerned mix of locals and expats who have worked in the humanitarian sector for the past decade (mostly in Nepal) who put this initiative together since we felt it could move faster and plug some gaps while the government gets organized for dealing with this volume of people. The New York registration is because we needed a US based address to register this page.

Help welcome these Nepalis home by ensuring they at least have food and water as they navigate the hurdles to reaching their villages. These are not just migrant workers, these are the people who keep villages afloat, families fed, children educated, and medical services operational with their remittances.  Now they are back, they are tired, and probably sick as they were not able to physically distance on the way and very, very hungry. The time has come to help them by getting them safely to their villages for quarantine.

If you had breakfast today, then please consider donating to make sure someone else also eats today. THANK YOU for your generosity!

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