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RICOCHET is the final film directed by Jeff Adachi – the former San Francisco Public Defender.
Shortly before his passing, Adachi expressed a wish to create films that would tell “the story of so many people who struggle and fight against injustice, and the public defenders that represent them.” To this end, Adachi created a series of films focused on the work of the San Francisco Office of the Public Defender: the award-winning short film THE RIDE and the feature documentary film DEFENDER. Adachi felt “that with Black Lives Matter, and the criminal justice reform movement in this country, the time is now to show the important work that public defenders do every day in fighting for the constitutional rights of everyday Americans.” 

Adachi began filming Ricochet in late 2017 as the biggest case his office had ever taken on – The People of the State of California v. Jose Ines Garcia Zarate – got under way.
Filming continued through the spring of 2018, and the first edits were created that year as well. Sadly, Jeff suddenly and tragically passed in February of 2019, putting the film on hold indefinitely. After a time of mourning, his long time editor, Chihiro Wimbush, took over directing/producing duties with the blessing of Jeff's widow Mutusko. Now the long winding journey of this production is entering its final phase, and we need your help to get there.

You can hear Jeff talk about his vision for the film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaQGSF1wQ9A


RICOCHET tells the story of the historic trial following the tragic incident at Pier 14 In San Francisco – when a young woman named Kate Steinle was killed by the ricochet of a bullet accidentally fired by an undocumented immigrant, Jose Garcia Zarate. The incident sparked a political and media firestorm – spearheaded by the anti-immigrant rhetoric of presidential candidate Donald J. Trump – that rattled the nation, exploited the tragedy of a family, and demonized an innocent man in the process. RICOCHET weaves this background through the main narrative of the trial, led by a defense team from the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office featuring Chief Attorney Matt Gonzalez and Francisco Ugarte, Managing Attorney of their Immigration Defense Unit. They must overcome not only the prosecution in this case, but also the court of public opinion warped by political agendas and false media narratives.


We are now very close to a final cut, and we need to raise $50,000 in the next three weeks to get there. Your support will help pay for the many elements needed to complete the film, including sound mix, color correction, music, licensing, legal and insurance costs, and other post production elements vital to bring this film to light. Additional funds beyond this goal will allow us to publicize the film in the way it deserves so we can share this story as widely as possible with impact.

All of our GoFundMe donors will have their names added to the film’s credits as a thank you, unless you request to remain anonymous. 

We deeply appreciate your help, and can’t wait to bring Jeff’s final film to the world.


Jeff Adachi is the former Public Defender for the City of San Francisco. Adachi was also an accomplished documentary filmmaker, who worked to tell the stories of public defenders and the important work they do for American democracy. Sadly, he tragically and suddenly died in 2019, leaving his final film, Ricochet, unfinished. His previous works include THE SLANTED SCREEN, YOU DON"T KNOW JACK SOO, RACIAL FACIAL, THE RIDE and DEFENDER.

Chihiro Wimbush is an Emmy-nominated director of DOGTOWN REDEMPTION and numerous other films, and is the editor of Jeff Adachi’s trilogy of films about the San Francisco Public Defenders: THE RIDE, DEFENDER, and RICOCHET. He is the founder of Karuna Media LLC, which is producing RICOCHET in association with Jeff Adachi's AAMM Productions.


If you’d like to learn more about the film, contact our team:

On our Website: www.ricochetfilm.com 

On Facebook: https://bit.ly/3dtFOUx


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