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"Brie's Bake Off Challenge" is a family baking comedy feature film the whole family can enjoy together from start to finish. Fall in love with a diverse cast, charming characters, and feel empowered while watching a young woman of color on her journey to sweet baking success. Our directors & producers believe in creating a film that represents the modern world: one where people of different ethnicities, genders, ages, and sexual orientations are more than just included, but celebrated. Watch the video above to meet our cast & crew, as well as see a special sneak peek from the film! 
Movies like "Brie's Bake Off Challenge" are important to support now more than ever as we fight for the rights of minorities to be featured on the big screen, as well as behind the camera. 60% of our cast and crew are female, people of color, and of ethnicities from all seven continents. Your donation is a step towards a film & television industry where ALL PEOPLE are represented and celebrated.
"Brie's Bake Off Challenge" is an ode to baking, food, competition, friendship and love. Join our main character, Brie, on a heartwarming journey as she aims for the title of "Bake Off Champion." 

Accompanied by her best friend, Millie, Brie takes on her "arch nemesis", Vanessa, at their middle school's Spring Bake Off. Vanessa & her possy bully Brie relentlessly, but we soon learn that Vanessa has a sad side to her story too. 
By watching Brie and her friends as they try to overcome the daily hardships of middle-school life, we hope this film inspires other students in school who may be going through similar difficulties, to overcome adversity and to reach for their goals.
Today's film industry lacks an honest representation of our modern world. "Brie's Bake Off Challenge" wants to change that. Our film portrays strong women in places of power & leadership, people of color as admirable intellectuals, as well as people of a variety of sexual orientations, genders, and age groups showcasing important human qualities: authenticity, kindness, courageousness, and humility.
During production, our crew worked incredibly hard to make the best film possible with the resources available. We strived every day for over one year to produce content comparable to that of todays largest networks & production companies. We believe we have done it, but we need your help to finish our masterpiece. We cannot do this without you! 
"Brie's Bake Off Challenge" aims to entertain families with an authentic, charming and lively story, to educate adults on childhood experiences, to improve school scenarios and to inspire children, teens and anyone watching this film to reach for their goals and to not let fear get in the way.


We really need your help in finishing this movie for Post Production! The movie is currently picture-locked, which means we have the editing portion done! Now, we need your help in contributing to these final three steps for the film: Post Production Sound, Original Music Composition and Color Grading. 

Post Production Sound is a tedious and necessary process for all movies! In contribution to this project, funds will go towards editing dialogue, sound effects, background, foley, music and final mixing.

Original Music Composition is also necessary to help lift the film. With an original music composition, score and mastering, the scenes and characters will be completely enhanced and can emotionally impact the audience. 

Color Grading and Color Correction is the third process for our post production process. This will go towards enhancing the look of the film for all shots to be cohesive and beautiful. 

For BBOC, we had a cast and crew of over 100 people who worked together for a common purpose: to impact audiences with a fun family comedy for families to watch together. 

By contributing to this film, you are changing the status quo in the entertainment industry! You are expressing how there needs to be more films made by women and people of color both in front of the camera and behind.

The BBOC Team have BIG aspirations for the film. We have delivered on high quality footage; and now, this is the final push we need to complete it before the end of the year.

Please consider contributing and sharing this campaign with your family and friends.

We would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!  


Hear from our Lead Actress, Devyn Mitchell AKA Brie Hayes:

Hear from our Lead Actress, Delaney Disque AKA Vanessa Weiler:

Hear from our Actress, Mallory Vertman AKA Millie Thompson:

"Brie's Bake Off Challenge" (BBOC) is proud to say that over 60% of the cast and crew members are female and people of color. Each one of our crew members worked creatively, efficiently and tirelessly to make "Brie's Bake Off Challenge" the best possible baking movie. Meet them below! 

Meet our Writer, Director and Producer - Emily Aguilar
Emily began writing this film because of her love of baking and cooking shows. She wanted to make a movie that showcases wonderful bakes, but also, to make a movie that portrays the trials and tribulations of daily life in school. Emily aims to change the status quo being a latin female film director in the entertainment industry. Follow her journey @themomentem. 

Meet our Producer - Katherine Aguilar-Smith
Katherine, who also goes by "Kat", is not only the producer of BBOC, she is a professional latin dancer, entrepreneur and most importantly, Emily's older sister. Kat has always been there for Emily and did an amazing job making sure the set ran smoothly and stayed in tip top shape for a successful production.

Meet our Producer - Mikayla Kelley
Mikalya has always had a knack for organization and planning. She played a huge role in making sure that all of the paperwork, schedules and goals were met in our pre-production process. 

Meet our Associate Producer - Amanda Ghobadi
Amanda came on board the "BBOC Production Train"midway through pre-production. Our team is thankful she did because she really pushed to make sure even the tiniest details were in order and on point.

Meet our Director of Photography - Laura Jansen
Coming all the way from Los Angeles for the making of this film, we have Laura to thank for the amazing shots and camera work on BBOC. She ran her camera and lighting crew with the utmost professionalism, creativity and efficiency. Laura frequently met with Emily going over the storyboards and shot lists making sure everything was pre-planned for a successful production.  

Meet our Camera Operator - James Strausahl
James played a huge role in helping the production get the necessary footage by being our 2nd Camera Operator. He traveled from New York City for the making of this film and did an amazing job getting the shots we needed. 

Meet our Assistant Camera - Megan Deel
Megan is our Assistant Camera who worked tirelessly making sure that our cinematographer, Laura, had what she needed. She put Laura's needs first before her own. She traveled all the way from North Carolina for the making of this film. 

Meet our Art Director - Rebecca Lake
Rebecca took the initiave in making the set pieces and props fit Emily's vision for the film. We have Rebecca to thank for the wonderful bakes that her and her team made in the film. 

Meet our Sound Guy - Matt Blackerby
Matt is our wonderful production sound specialist who always made sure the dialogue and sound was crisp and clear. In addition to being on BBOC, he has worked with Emily on her past two feature films as well. He has been there since the beginning of Emily's career and we are so thankful for his work and persona. 

 Meet more of our team members on IMDB>> Click Here.
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