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Bridgette JRDA USA Team Fundraiser!

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Bridgette (aka Bridge-It/Amy Pound)! has played roller derby for eight years and is a proud Wasatch A*Salt travel team member.
Bridgette has worked very hard to for the last six years and has made it as a member of the JRDA USA team in her senior year!
We are working hard to help her make it to Valance, France, this summer and get to all the practices happening throughout the year.
Our total fundraising goal is $10,000 to help with all the expenses that accompany being a JRDA USA Team player. There are uniforms, passports, travel to practices, hotels, and associated costs, for four practices all over the US and, finally, the big show in Valance, France.
Outside of roller derby, Bridgette is a National Junior Honors Society member, competed in the 2022 National Speech and Debate Tournament, played oboe with the Granite Youth Symphony, played softball, and keeps a job.
Thank you all for your time, consideration and support!


Amber Bawden
Salt Lake City, UT

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