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Bees are an endangered species. Like all life on Earth, bees are affected by Climate Change and Habitat Destruction. Three top reasons bees are dying faster are due to pesticides, poor nutrition and parasites. Humans are also affected because bees pollinate plants we eat and make honey. No bees means significant loss of crops, growth in starvation, diminishing diet, no honey, go figure. Not my idea of a healthy future.

Like bees, humans are also being affected by pesticides, pollution, and plastics. We also have to rebuild our homes and food supply after fire, wind, earthquakes, mudslides, floods, extreme cold and heat storms.

Habitat for Health recovery concepts are based on lower common denominators to rebuild what is lost by GAIA, individuals, families and communities. In other words H4H designs and manages construction using Bottom Up Resources. The main difference between bottom up and top down resources is the point where time and money enters the economic exchange part of capitalist equations. 

Top down housing initiatives are not fulfilling affordability goals, repair or relocation needs in significant growth sectors of displaced persons, families, and communities. Add to the list independent seniors, persons with disabilities or significant barriers to proper accommodation, and other homeless people who represent the most difficult to help of all.

Obvious factors affecting insufficient financing include inadequate pandemic responses, increase in natural disasters caused by climate change, insufficient and tardy responses to climate change, loss of workforce due to the foregoing, early retirement, increase in poverty as cost of living continues to increase faster than people can adapt. All of the above and what follows barely scratches the surface of current events. So, what is holding you back from adopting Habitat for Health bottom up revenue neutral resource management?

Environmental Wellness, Hypersensitivity and Accommodation 

Brian Hack's special interest, and current rare skill set, is derived from a diverse education and physical hypersensitivity that helps to identify environmental issues that others may overlook. With due consideration and in some cases experience in what doesn't work or can be improved, costs may be reduced, environments mitigated, or both. 

Details are available on the Website but that's just where Brian's been, not where he's going or intends to be. Read on for more. Join the GAIA Fan Club and get into the action. Do or do not. There is no try.


I'd like to start in my backyard which happens to be Vancouver Island. The first relevant question asked and first answer is in the Blog. "How much arable land is needed to sustain just 1 human being?"

Since there are significant variables, fuzzy logic, and it is more than 6 years old, I'd ask a different question today: "How many people can be sustained on 2 hectares of land?" As a permaculture designer I envision efficiency expansion techniques to include vertical gardening.

Mid Island South and East along the Saanich Peninsula are prime locations for berry cropping, vineyards and other high value market gardens. The weather is mild enough to support a variety fruits and vegetables found in warmer climates and with minimal frost and freezing protection less hardy varieties may also bear fruit. 


Opportunities for displaced persons and families who are willing and able to join and participate in Eco-Village type of community organizations will benefit most by joining Habitat for Health and/or starting a local one up. 

Habitat for Health is planning to startup a prototype Eco-Village (Apiary Project) to document, source, blueprint and share information on how to move from today's Eco-Eco disaster zones to self-sufficient, self-governing, self-employed, sustainable recovery, and prosperity alternatives. 

The H4H GAIA First - Pay it Forward - alternatives are underway and instead of competing with existing socioeconomic systems that cull it's no longer useful producers and servants, we are saving or recycling all who want or need hope. 

Of course opportunities are based on the equality of time and not on the inequality of money. After all, we start by working for money to buy things we need and want so it's really not a big change to work for time credits to exchange for the same things we need and want and exchange credits for money to buy what we don't produce. Go figure!

Early adopters and charter members of the GAIA Fan Club are most likely to convert their experiences into tangible assets and new skills. Why wait? Join now to start your journey today !

Part 2: Housing, Backup and Recovery Plans

Housing Issues  

I started my relocation plan in August a month before moving with no idea what to expect.  As Murphy would have it if anything could go wrong it did.  After getting the contents of my apartment into storage I found myself with no prospects for a place I could call home. 

I am sleeping in my car. The paper chase began again. I am updating forms and resolving unexpected events and demands as they arise. Paying bills with what little cash flow I have is extremely difficult without a computer. However, I am learning to use a PC computer at the library right now to get this GoFundMe campaign updated. Quite frustrating because I an an Apple Mac user.

In retrospect, only a government employee can stop payment to a pension account, regarding or regardless of intent, circumstance, or outcome. 

A complaint will likely be as futile as finding a 1 bedroom subsidized apartment in Victoria BC within 1 month after being evicted, and in time to avoid a preventable experience like forcing a senior citizen with a disability to become homeless. 

The reality is, such acts and/or failure to act is not a job any right minded taxpayer would vote for, especially now as evidence of tardy application processing can also be associated with housing booms - clearly not for Boomers.

Even some homeless people prefer to spend nights in bushes, on benches or bus stop shelters instead of "designated shelters". Knowingly or not, all social sectors pay sales tax dollars with every blood red cent spent no matter what they buy to survive.

The issue is clearly owned and operated by government employees. From top to bottom, leaders to followers, to allow behaviour akin to Ferengi rules of acquisition.

So, if our elected reps are part of the problems we all elect and pay for, why not teach them how to create the solutions we want and need. For example, run an ad for a replacement candidate listing issues and desired outcomes for the riding. Add a recall or removal clause to hold the rep accountable to constituents.


In the mean time what can be done and who can do it? 

Habitat for Health is built in a way most anyone can use to start their own projects, to help others, and/or themselves. The Habitat for Health concept begins with a pay it forward, GAIA First economics way to build community to solve real life issues by doing things elected representatives are unable or unwilling to do. 

Today I am using the GoFundMe platform to help get me through my cash flow issues and continue to build Habitat for Health for the benefit of all concerned. Participating H4H Members will benefit most from this experience.

If you're not doing something about similar scenarios and would like to see what I can do for you, your family, or community just GoFundMe. 

If you want some help to get the Ferengi (who creep you out) to help you out instead, then GoFundMe.  

If you have time to help me help someone else, then please Join the GAIA Fan Club and GoFundMe.

If you're looking for swag let me know and I'll source the greenest I can find.


While the Ecological state of the world continues to dematerialize, Economic opportunism runs wild, assisted by climate related disasters, and wholesale misrepresentation of current events, riches, and glory.

If our planet is to recover it will need as many individuals as possible to participate. The focus must be independent as well as together with like minded groups. 

In every way available, projects must debunk corrupt money management schemes using simple logic. When opposition to a goal is debunked, a goal is set or reset, and course corrections that point to recovery of ecological resources where possible and contain or eliminate toxic waste can proceed.

Factors affecting Ecological and Economical recovery during the COVID plague are far too many for any individual person. However, when groups of individuals can find common ground to help themselves as well as their community, state, province, or country, it will multiply the effect of desired outcomes and reveal what is not wanted.

Please send questions using related name and email to [email redacted]  -  No name no question no reply.

Part 1: The Emergency

I am a senior that requires special environmental controls to manage my medical condition. I discovered on July 30 a pension income I relied on to pay rent was not deposited. I paid what bills I could and gave notice to my landlady I could no longer pay rent. I agreed to move by August 31.

When I got around to look for an apartment with rental subsidies I discovered the waiting period is about 1 year. I applied to the BC Housing Registry online to help me find a new place to live with a shorter wait time and submitted supporting documents Tuesday, 24 August. Today, 5 days left of the 31 days to move does not appear possible. But that's the hand I was dealt. Boy did I ever underestimate this situation.

How it Happened

In January 2020 I launched a company built to publish free information about bottom up solutions to speed up disaster preparation and recovery. I started the GAIA Fan Club (GFC) to teach ways to learn and earn by leveling the playing field for bottom up economical and ecological opportunities to help GFC Members as a PERMACULTURE Design Consultant.

COVID-19 was declared a pandemic on 11 March 2020. About that time my business had already started to shrink due in part to the pandemic and operating costs outside my control going up. I found out how and why my situation became an existential challenge.

It is not due to anything I did, nor directly related to COVID-19, but in fact appears to be a top down planned economic outcome. I posted an article on my blog to explain in more detail - Climate Change Disasters And Economic Recovery .

My pension barely covers my living expenses. Please help fund my next stage of recovery by donating what you can or join the GAIA Fan Club.

$1200 per month is needed to house and rebuild my studio. [40 new GAIA Fan Club Members will make this happen]


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