Brandon Bartleson's Memorial Fund

Brandon's legacy to the world are those he left behind, his sweet wife, Crystal and his beautiful daughters; Avery, Nicki, and June.  He loved them so much in life, and now watches over them in death! 
Through your donation's, Brandon can still bless their lives here on Earth!  

Please help to relieve some current and near future burdens with your donations.

On April 21, just after 9 pm, Brandon returned to live with our Heavenly Father.  For 17 years, he has been battling Auto Immune Hepatitis and other health problems, which created severe pain, and numerous surgeries.  While it’s a relief to know that Brandon's battle is over and he is with our Father in Heaven, his wife, their daughters and all his family are left heartbroken for the loss of Brandon.

The U of U Hospital has been Brandon's second home for the past seventeen years as he has battled Auto Immune Hepatitis and a deteriorating liver. This is where he got a second chance of life by receiving a liver transplant five years ago. It’s been the place he goes to get better and to heal. 

Crystal, a Kidney transplant survivor, is a kindred spirit with Brandon, they both share so much, including understanding all the health challenges that transplant survivors have.

Crystal, his amazing wife, is left with the unimaginable burden of burying her husband and finding her new path.  If we can come together and ease at least the financial part of that burden and keep the family in our prayers, I know Crystal and her daughters would feel a tremendous weight lifted.

Thanks to all the wonderful Doctors, Nurses, and Aides that gave such great care to Brandon through the many years as he struggled so valiantly. 

As his condition worsened, Crystal asked him if there was anything he wanted, he looked up at Crystal with a glimmer in his eye, a smile on his face and said,  
“Just you, and a Beach!”

When Brandon started getting closer to the end, Crystal wanted to see if he still recognized her; she asked
“Do you know who I am sweetie,”  Yes, with a head nod, then Brandon said “You’re my sexy wife!”, it warmed her heart, and brought loving tears to her eyes!  

His deep love for music was never lost, no matter how much pain and suffering he was in.  His love for playing, and sharing music, was second only to the love of his life, Crystal!

Brandon was a hero in life – always looked to the future and lived life to the fullest.  From 14 years old to his passing, he was a constant visitor to the hospital and had over 30 different surgeries.  Five years ago, a liver transplant saved and extended his life.

Brandon was not afraid to dream and look to the future.  He never let his difficulties discourage him and always stayed positive.  Though in constant pain, he never let the challenges stop him from doing all he could to make amazing memories with his family.  

After hearing the song his mom wrote for him, "I Think You're Brave", he said:
"Sometimes you just need to hear it.  We all have struggles in life, some more apparent and visible than others.  Someone, who loves me, shared this song... It was the first time I thought, maybe I am brave.  When you’re going through difficult times, you don't think about who you might be inspiring or helping someone to see all the blessings that they have, because you are just trying to survive. You just want to make it to the next day. And sometimes, it gets harder before it gets better. But, no matter how many times I fall, I know I have made it this far…and I AM BRAVE.”  

Brandon will be remembered as a bright shining beacon of love and warmth.  His goofiness and caring soul will be remembered by all that had the pleasure of knowing him. 

Please know your donations are so appreciated, and our family would like to thank you in advance!

Please Note - all funds will be used to pay for funeral costs, and all other money collected will be given to Crystal, and the girls for their financial needs.  

With all Brandon's medical conditions, no life insurance company would cover him.  So Crystal will be doing all she can to support her little family on her own, without Brandon!  We would like to assist them all we can through this Memorial Fund.  

We love you, and miss you Brandon!

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