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Save Your Best Friend

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What will this fundraiser do?
I am going to get straight to the point. I am building this mobile app called Save Your Best Friend to help bring lost pets back home and quicken the process of animal adoption, and the fundraiser will help finish it.

I do not have sufficient funds to build and work on this mobile app alone. I need your support to bring the development of this app up to speed and ensure we have something to fight these issues in our society as soon as possible.

How will the funds be used?
- $15,000 - Helping improve mobile application & website for the cause.
- $10,000 - Helping small-scale animal healthcare NGOs & charities grow & gain recognition.
- $5,000 - Helping run marketing campaigns to spread awareness about the cause

$10 today! Can save a million lives tomorrow!

So how will it work?
The SYBF mobile app will help gather like minded people in the society help one another find lost pets, report strays & finally help them get back to either their homes or a safer place.

Finding Lost Pets
- A person can come register and report that they lost their pet.
- Another person who may have found a stray can report for a stray.
- If the description of the pet matched the description of one of the lost pets in the database, we'd send out a notification to the pet owners about it and get them back their pets.

Adoption Services
- Help animal shelters sign up on the app.
- Build a feature that allows them post all pets available for adoption
- Build an application process that allows people who are interested in adopting pets are screened quickly.

SOS Services
- The goal is to try and connect nearby veterinary clinics to people who need help with either an ill pet or an injured animal found on the street.

Bringing Like-Minded People Together
- A community forum with people who wanna help solve issues in society, spread awareness or help other pet owners with something will be created.

Animal Cruelty Reports
- There are countries where getting help for chained animals or animals being ill-treated is very difficult. Therefore, we'd be creating a way for our users to report animal cruelty privately and anonymously.
- The SYBF team will do all the verification for you and contact the nearest police station. Rest assured, everything will be anonymous.

Donations Worldwide
- We all know about big animal rights NGOs like PETA (People for Ethnic Treatment of Animals) and HSI (Humane Society International); however, many other people are trying to play their part in the society to help animals recover.
- The aim is to identify all leaders helping animals worldwide and give them a platform where they can get donations for work. This will be different from Facebook because you'd be promoting yourself to only like-minded people, but the SYBF team will personally help you achieve your monthly donation goals by the donations made by its users.

My Story:
Hi, My name is Prateek & like many of you out there, I am an animal lover by heart. I currently reside in Canada but have spent more than 20 years of my life in India. As you all know, India is not as developed as other countries in the west & suffers from issues like poverty & overpopulation. Although these problems have always saddened me, one other issue that has completely changed my perspective of looking at humans & humanity is Animal Cruelty.

I have been saving animals since I was 15. In the busy streets of India, stray cows, dogs, cats, rats tend to get stumbled upon by fast-running cars on the expressways easily. And unfortunately, society also has seen an uprising in the cruelty against animals due to egoistic, narcissistic or depressed members living in it. The dark streets sometimes are taken away by mentally imbalanced mugs & killers who try to overpower these animals and kill them sometimes. Not just that, but some people buy tiny puppies or kittens from fake breeders & then throw them off back to the streets when they feel they can not handle all this.

These kinds of socially disturbing acts are present in countries like India, but in almost all the other countries where humans with no humanity our present.

Yes, today I have a strong message for you & I want your support to act on it by starting this Fundraiser today.
My reasons for starting this fundraiser is not limited to solving the above issues just by funds, but creating a stronger community within an area that'd work together to stop such brutal acts from happening.

Tell me more...
I got my first dog Snoopy when I was eight years old. It was the night of Diwali in October 2003 when I was going back home from my relative's house, and on our way back home, we saw a dog kennel open. When I saw it, tears started to shed in my eyes, and I begged my parents to get me a dog.

Your pet is your best friend. He not only stays beside knowing/unknowingly how you feel inside. All he wants is for you to be happy and continue feeling loved. Unfortunately, I lost my dog in March 2020 amidst the outbreak of Coronavirus. And while he was breathing his last few breaths, I was stuck in Canada because of closed borders and failed in all ways to hold him for the last time.

I feel the loss that one goes through when losing a pet, a best friend that you've had for all those years. I feel pained when people tell me that they lost their pet, be it an illness taking their life away or them just running out of the houses unknowingly, unintentionally and losing their way back home.

To know more about me, my mission & why I have put so much heart into it, you can read the following stories on my blog:

Finally, please understand that the mobile app is currently still in development, and we are continuously working to fix bugs and improve the app experience for our users.


Prateek Kathal
Toronto, ON

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