Botched Microblading.

Hi, My name is Erica Kovitz (@BeverlyHillsMicroblading).  I am fundraising to help pay for a young lady's travel expenses to my studio in Beverly Hills, CA. She just had her eyebrows botched by another PMU artist in Texas. I will provide FREE removal sessions and Microblading to help her fix this terrible situation. ALL money raised from this campaign will cover her travel expenses/accommodations.
We anticipate she will need two removal sessions (six weeks apart). Then, once her skin is fully healed, she will need to come back to complete a Microblading session and a perfecting touch up. 
This young mother of two has experienced severe emotional stress from this ordeal and needs our help. Anything helps. The sooner she can travel here, the sooner we can begin to dissolve the pigment. The longer it sets into her skin, the more difficult it becomes to remove. Time is of the essence, everybody...
Let's band together and make a happy ending for this horror story!

Any amount helps. Thank you!