Betrayal Of A Nation: Documentary

Written by Brandi Webb and Jenesis Scott- Betrayal Of a Nation is a Documentary about social injustice in America. 

The US Government has been indicted and brought to trial on charges that hold it accountable for crimes against its citizens. Charges date back to the beginning of American history up to present day.  

During this heightened trial, A Prosecutor for the People goes head to head with the Defense Attorney for the U.S. Govt. The presenting of evidence and the cross examining of witnesses is carried beyond the scripted dialog and explored in a documentary format that intercuts throughout the trial.

Errol Louis, Amy Goodman, Ajamu Baraka, Gwen Carr, Korey Wise, Akeem Browder, Dr. Lenora Fulani, Mysone Linen and several other Activists provide testimonies via interviews that support this Trial of the Century.

This passion project has been produced out of pocket, using personal savings, however in order to complete it, we are in need of additional funding beyond our pockets.

We have completed most of the filming and the project is currently in the post production phase. In order to fully complete our documentary, we sincerely need your help. Your donations will be used towards the following: 

- Out of state Interviews
Some interviews are significant to the docmentary and while we were fortunate to film of many of them locally, these remaining interviews require us to travel out of state.

At the very least, three of us would be neccesary to accomplish these interviews (Cameraman, Sound operater, Director). For this to be possible, we would need funding for travel, lodging and insurance coverage to traveling with expensive equipment.  

-Equipment rentals
While we own a camera and Lav mics, we need to rent additional lenses and sound equipment in order to film our remaining interviews. 

-Post Production
We are looking to hire a very talented editor to complete the Documentary. 

- Public Relations Rep
We would like to hire an experienced PR team to promote the film via social media and other methods of advertisement. 

Thank you in advance for any donation you may give. Whatever you are able to give is much appreciated.

This Documentary was created, written, and produced with the intention to educate, inform, and inspire change in America. This is a film for every American citizen. By donating to this project, you are helping to bring about untiy, equallity, and justice for all in America.  

Any donations of $1,500 or more will recieve executive producer credit. Any donations between $500 up to $1,500 will be listed under the honorable mention/ special thanks section of the film credits. All donations will be listed on our website for six months.  

If we raise more than our goal, that money will be used towards our next socially conscious project. 

A little more about Betrayal of a Nation
The documentary calls for people  to look beyond themselves and see the bigger picture. They must be informed, educate themselves, and unite. Today, there are so many distractions in everyone’s lives keeping them from focusing on the bigger issues. Unity is key in order to achieve progress. This documentary speaks to the everyday American citizen that is unsure how they; an individual, can make a substantial difference and not feel like their only options are to like, share, and post activism related statuses on social media platforms. It calls for them to wake up and realize that they are the ancestors for the next generations to come. Without fully understanding the history as well as today's current unrest, the urgency to unite and take action will not exist, and the fate of their descendants will be unjust and unequal.

This project is produced by Yet 2 Evolve Productions and Trina Asiedu.
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Dir Brandi Webb 
New York, NY