Knights' Crusade to California

Boise Black Knights Proposal - “Become A Knight” Donations Only Football Camp
The Black Knights are and elite 13u spring tackle football travel team.   All together, this diverse and talented team represented 7 local Junior High Schools that will feed into 5 Valley High Schools.

2018 Season in Review:
Dominated the Rocky Mountain Youth Football League out of Salt Lake City to win the RMYFL division championship. We then went on to San Jose, California, defeating the sitting 3 time National Champs to bring home the 2018 Spring National Championship.

3/17/18: Knights vs. SLC Hawks Final: 40-0
3/24/18: Knights vs. SLC Storm 13u Final: 44-6
3/24/18: Knights vs. SLC Storm 14u. Final: 34-6
4/07/18: Knights vs. Aggie Valley Bulls Final: 43-6
4/14/18: Knights vs. SLC Panthers Final: 58-6
4/21/18: Knights vs. Aggie Valley Bulls Final: 60-6
4/28/18: Knights vs. SLC Elite Final: 44-0
5/05/18: Knights vs. SLC Hawks Final: 41-0
5/19/18: Knights vs. Aggie Valley Bulls Final: 27-12 (Rocky Mountain Youth Football League Division Championship)
5/26/18: Knights vs NorCal Underdogs Final: 64-0
5/28/18: Knights vs. San Jose Hit Squad Final: 34-6 (2018 Spring National Championship)

Points Scored: 489
Points Allowed: 48
Average Score/game: 45-4

Next Goal: The number 2 AYF Football team in the country, the IE (Inland Empire) Ducks have now called us out and challenged us to a showdown between champions. We need to raise money to get our team to Carson, California for this incredible game on August 4, 2018.

Proposal: First Annual “Become a Knight” Football Clinic, hosted by the Black Knights coaches and players: A fundraiser to cover travel expenses. We recognize that this is a special opportunity to give back to our community and potentially start a lasting legacy.
-Our players would like to partner with Boise State and local Treasure Valley businesses to start a donations-only day camp. -Black Knights will mentor and coach the younger kids in the fundamentals of football. -All kids can participate and ‘Become a Knight’ regardless of ability to pay. -Ultimately we would like to see this clinic continue annually.
We look forward to working with young athletes of the Treasure Valley and local businesses!
Thank you in advance for your support!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------OUR STORY---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Boise Black Knights has been a spring tackle football program in the Treasure Valley for 11 years for kids ages 10-14.  From the beginning, the goal of the organization was to teach the boys the fundamentals of the game that translate on and off the field: selflessness, teamwork, integrity and brotherhood.    According to Aristotle, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” In other words, when individual parts are connected together to form one entity, they are worth more than if the parts were individual.  

The program had primarily been playing local teams from the Treasure Valley, Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon.   In Fall of 2017, the Black Knights’ vision expanded to start an additional team that would take the Treasure Valley’s top talent to compete in the Rocky Mountain Youth Football League out of Salt Lake City.   After an snowy Saturday of tryouts in late January, the very elite travel team ended up with 16 returning Black Knights and 10 new players. All together, this diverse and talented team represented 7 local Junior High Schools that will feed into 5 Valley High Schools.   Despite the weather and cold conditions, the boys diligently practiced through February and early March, giving 100% heart and effort with the vision of winning a championship trophy.

Every Saturday, Coach Rudy reminded the boys that our goal was 1-0.  Maximum effort, set the bar high, play with class, and always remember the key motto: selflessness.  

These words of wisdom paid off with every game.  Week after week, these boys racked up a ridiculous amount of points while allowing very few.  The Boise Black Knights took charge of the Rocky Mountain Youth Football League and marched straight to the division championship.   We were then invited to play in the Tournament of Champions for the Spring National Championship. The Knights played two games in this tournament and in the final game beat the incoming 3 time National Champs to become the 2018 Spring National Champions!!   Over 11 games, we scored a whopping 519 points and gave up a mere 30.

Facebook became an incredible communication tool that allowed our coaches, players, families and friends of the Black Knights to connect, share and communicate.  We also opened an online swag store so our biggest fans could wear their favorite Black Knights gear. Ultimately we evolved from being a group of mostly strangers to a forever family of Black Knights.    Although our games were mostly in Utah with some in Burley and Mountain Home, our fans always showed up in force. Even in San Jose, California, our cheering section was the biggest and the best.

A long drive home from the San Jose tournament seemed monotonous and rather boring as the sun started to set.  However the football caravan, which consisted of three 12 passenger vans and one RV, was about to encounter a life-changing event.   About 50 miles south of Jordan Valley, Oregon, on Highway 95, the second van of players then witnessed a single vehicle rollover crash.  Immediately they knew there was no other option than to help. Without hesitation, they stopped to help the elderly couple trapped inside the overturned red Isuzu Trooper.  

The husband and wife pair, Allan and Maggie Hartman, were both conscious and able to talk to the coaches, chaperones and players on the scene.   Allan was the passenger and the team was easily able to assist him out of the vehicle. Maggie, however, was unable to get out. Her body was partially out of the car, pinned against the ground and entangled in the seatbelt.    The third van full of linemen approached the scene of the accident and swiftly came to help. A rapid assessment confirmed that Maggie needed to get out and could not wait for first responders. Quickly the team decided that the only option was to band together and lift the vehicle to rescue her.   A chaperone was able to cut Maggie’s seat belt from the outside of the car. Then, this team of 13 and 14 year old boys came together to literally lift the Isuzu and hold it for several minutes while one of the coaches crawled inside and pulled Maggie to safety.

Within a few minutes, the rest of the team in the RV came upon the incident.   Together, they tended to the couple’s basic first aid needs, gave them water and blankets to stay warm.  They cleared the roadway of debris, gathered personal effects from the car, and even rummaged through the dirt and broken glass inside the car to find vital cardiac and diabetic medications.  Most importantly, they found Allan’s favorite pink ball cap. The Boise Black Knights family stayed with Allan and Maggie for nearly an hour until first responders were able to arrive. These boys proved to be knights and champions both on and off the field, never forgetting what’s most important:  selflessness.

Afterwards, much attention was given to the Knights’ heroism that their football talent was largely overshadowed.   Now, we would like to take this extraordinary opportunity to redirect the attention back onto the boys to showcase their football power, discipline and the hard work that got them to the National Championship.

Next on the agenda:  The Boise Black Knights vs the IE (Inland Empire) Ducks.  

August 4, 2018 at Carson High School - Carson, California.

The IE Ducks is a team in a league like Idaho has never seen before.  They followed our successes over the spring season and were so impressed with our level of play that they invited us to California for a showdown between champions.    This is where we need the support of our community! We are looking to raise $25,000 to get our boys down to play the Ducks and put Boise, Idaho on the football map. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a once in a lifetime kind of team.    

If determination, commitment, passion and humility alone were the requisites for an exceptional team, the Knights would be number one on the qualifications list.   Yet this team is more than that both on and off the field: they are a family. These boys are the entire package and no group of athletes deserves to compete and represent the state of Idaho more than the Boise Black Knights.  
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