Bobby McMullen

Bobby McMullen passed away on Monday, September 12 after an extensive and heroic battle with cancer, kidney failure, and other health issues. As everyone who knew him can attest, Bobby fought his illness like he conquered mountain bike trails: with grace, grit and humility. Bobby loved his family more than anything. He leaves behind his beloved wife Heidi and daughter Ella. Heidi and Bobby would have celebrated their 10 year anniversary later this month, on September 29.
The news of Bobby’s passing has all of us shocked, saddened, in grief and wanting to support Heidi and Ella however we can as they prepare for this next chapter of their lives. In lieu of flowers and other gifts, this GoFundMe will help Heidi and Ella with the costs of all that lies ahead of them, including funeral expenses, a college fund for Ella and lingering medical bills. Please give what you can and feel free to leave a note for Heidi and Ella. 

Thanks for your support!