Bobbi the Corgi

Updated target from $8000 to $7584

Please read latest update I've posted about Bobbi and her passing away.

Hi my name's Alex, and anyone who knows me knows I never ever ask for any handouts. I barely ask for help, but right now I really really need your help. If you can't spare any money I completely understand, but if you could share this, it will mean the world to me.

I don't know where to begin, so I guess I'll start from the beginning. On the 3rd of April our Bobbi didn't eat any breakfast, she drank plenty of water through out the day and went to the toilet as normal. She didn't eat dinner either, but at around 8.45pm she was sitting on the ground bobbing her head side to side. My partner Victoria was home with her mum at the time and called the local vet who was about to close. They told her to bring her in. They arrived at the vet just after 9pm this first vet did a full physical, bloods and an ultrasound of her womb, the diagnosis was puss in the womb and the only treatment is surgery to remove it. We were urged to go to a 24/7 emergency vet to do this, we did as instructed and went to this second vet. This second vet did an ultrasound and confirmed what the first vet said. We had to take out a vetpay loan before they'd start the procedure. Bobbi was still alert and able to walk around before she had her surgery, we took out the loan and we went home once they took Bobbi for surgery. Around 1.45am on the 4th of April this vet called us and said Bobbi's open, Bobbi's womb was fine and no puss viable. They were quick to say the ultrasound must have shown an organ which they thought was puss. They then gave us 3 options 1- close her, 2-explore her now that she's open to see if they find anything wrong visually with her organs and 3-just desex her. When we asked more questions, one question I asked was "how open is she, if you explore her, would you need to cut her open more?"And this vet responded she's already open" I didn't want to upset this vet so I agreed to the second option. We heard nothing again until just after 6am, the vet said they found nothing wrong when they explored her and they thought it was a bladder infection. They took a sample of Bobbi's pee. She hadn't woken up from surgery still and we were told we need to pick her up and take her back to the first vet. We picked her up just after 7am and she was out cold, unresponsive. We went back to the first vet, we then dealt with a different vet from the first time but this vet seemed positive it was a bladder and kidney infection, again touched on the ultrasound results even though we didn't bring it up and mentioned cold plasma transfusion as a treatment. We agreed to  fluids to keep her hydrated and antibiotics to fight the infection. Bobbi was still unconscious, but no fever and wasn't dehydrated.

Around 11am this vet called us and said Bobbi wasn't getting better and urged for the cold plasma transfusion, this vet said if Bobbi was their dog they'd do it. We thought about it for a little bit and the vet kept pushing, even to say if it doesn't work there's a refund on it. Because this vet was so insistent and said it'll make her better, we agreed. Later that night this vet called and said she's only 10-15% better than this morning. She has a fever and is dehydrated.
The best option was for her to go to another 24/7 emergency vet for monitoring, at this point we asked if the plasma did anything and this vet said it'll take days to notice an anything. Bobbi had a fever and was dehydrated, even though she was on a fluids and antibiotics and wasn't admitted with a fever or dehydrated.

We picked her up and went to the third vet. 

This was now the forth vet to look over her bloods and said they don't think it was a bladder or kidney infection, advised the surgery didn't help her and had no idea why a cold plasma transfusion was administered. This forth vet believes Bobbi's liver is infected or has a shunt. This vet also advised she has a fever because the catheter set up by the last vet didn't go in her vein, it sat under the skin so fluid built up in her leg. Therefore she wasn't getting hydration or antibiotics.

We left her there and we were told they'd only call if something went wrong.

We get a text just after 7am, advising the price of her bill so far (which was more than double what we agreed) and new day shift of vets were taking over. We called the vet and asked why the price increase and if Bobbi was ok, we were only able to speak to the reception, she said she's fine and more bills were added to her bill and the vet will be in touch. The reception couldn't tell us anything more. The new day vet who is a specialist called us 10am advising us she had 2 seizures through the night, when we asked further questions this vet apologised no one called but said "nobody called to tell you?" And then continued with how this vet also believes that it's her liver and wants to do an ultrasound to confirm. We agreed to this.

At the time of writing this at 1pm the 5th of April, I believe from what the two last vets at this new 24/7 emergency vet have told us, plus speaking to our regular vet completely unbiased over the phone if we can get a diagnosis, we can start treatment to cure her.

Bobbi is only 3 years old and turns 4 in June. We just need time, time for her to recover and be given treatment. It ranges from $1000-$1200 each day and night she's monitored.

This is why I'm asking for help financially, and emotionally. So far I've taken out a loan of $4500 via vetpay and paid $1500 out of pocket. Victoria's parents have also exhausted all their available funds too.

We don't want to give up yet, especially when she has a chance.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. 

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