Bill Galt Medical Expenses

Many of you may ask why does Bill Galt  need money? There is a clear answer to that. Bill's injury occurred at our home near Los Cabos  on June 1, 2018. He entered  a private hospital  for an emergency surgery  that triggered a long, complicated, and costly recovery.  This surgery failed and a second surgery was done following which it became clear that the only viable option for Bill's health was  to  air evacuate Bill to the U.S. at a cost of $21,000.

Unfortunately, due to major complications, Bill was hospitalized in Mexico for 17 days, some of which were in the ICU. This was followed by several days of 24 hour nursing care  before the air evacuation. None of the hospital, surgical, home health care, and evacuation services were covered by our U.S. insurance. The Mexican medical bills totally depleted Bill's cash reserves and his other assets are not liquid. The total cost of his Mexican medical expenses totaled approximately $100.000.00. 

Once Bill was in the U.S. his medicare and supplemental insurance picked up his future treatment.  Bill died on August 2 following  a third surgery  from which he never totally recovered.  

Bill Galt passed away from surgical complications on August 2, 2018.
  The full story is above.

Aloha family and friends of Bill,

My loving thoughts and prayers are with you. Bill was an inspirational visionary and a guiding light for me
and so many others - throughout his "positive deviancy." 

He will be missed and his loving example will never be forgotten.

He was a voice of loving wisdom and grace throughout our lifelong friendship, especially when going
through some seriously tough and painful times.  He taught me to trust that if we stay in motion, doing the best we can to make a meaningful difference…the Best is yet to Come!

With his heartwarming smile and a hearty, “Hey Willy how’s it goin’?” much of any concern I might have had would instantly melt away… He often reminded me that adversity is a gift that teaches and tests while
ultimately making us wiser and stronger.  He lived it!

He was all that is good and precious in a human being.  He was a true joy to be with.  He genuinely cared
and loved to love.  God blessed Bill with the hugest of Hearts.  Just thinking of him now brings grateful tears of joy to my eyes.

We were friends and I cherished the rare moments we shared.  We swam with dolphins together in
Kealakekua Bay, studied and presented at many business schools and served many a worthy cause in the
service of others around the world.  I never got enough of him.

I watched him, with his intoxicating smile, put his clackers on and dance on stage in front of hundreds of
inspired students in Bali.  In his 70s, he danced better, faster and more energetically than anyone half
his age!  Man could Bill ever dance!  He taught us that health is our True Wealth.  He was a steward of this
good earth as well as the human spirit.  Indelibly, he left his personal brand on both.  

I was always safe in his hands.

Bill was a perpetual Champion for the oppressed and impoverished.   He was an unstoppable, unshakable
Beacon of light for many of us when we were lost and needed help finding our way. 
He had a gift for lifting us up.

I witnessed Bill’s limitless generosity on countless occasions, including watching him help a family prevent eviction while in Indonesia. He helped these impoverished strangers save their farm and themselves from
starvation by gifting them his wisdom and personal resources to acquire their own farmland.  Some might
say WTF?  However, there were no strangers around Bill.

With Bill, I’m sure that WTF stood for, "Why That’s Fantastic!" He thought almost everything in life was
fantastic!  The man not only transformed lives, he saved them.  He was crazy generous, courageously
exemplifying the immutable theory that “leaders give and givers get” and that “cooperation trumps
competition” proving repeatedly that “there really is enough for everyone” and that
“Together we  are better”.

 He believed in us, all of us - not just some of us.  Sometimes, more than we believed in ourselves.  He had a
gift for bringing people together as he has now.  He enhanced our Brightness of the Future by inviting us to “get in the game” and, like him, Play all out - full tilt Bozo (with all that we are and all that we have)! 

He was a lifelong learner, not a knower.  He partnered with and supported some of the Greatest
Humanitarians and Thought Leaders of our time as a passionate advocate for
“a World that Works for EVERYONE”.

Bill often stood with us while always standing on behalf of us.  He operated with the utmost of integrity,
deeply committed to making us and our world a better, healthier place.  A place filled with peace and
prosperity.  What better gifts can a person bring to a party?

Bill, you are and will forever remain in our hearts.  Now, we gratefully stand for you.  Your memory and
Life’s remarkable example encourage us to carry on your profound legacy.  As fearless positive deviants and loyal brothers and sisters in arms, we are living examples that your trust in us was not misplaced.

I feel you Bill… just like in Bali when you disappeared to help that impoverished family.  I couldn’t see you
physically but I knew you were out there…we were still connected. I didn’t know where you were but I
knew you were around somewhere making a profound difference as a "positive deviant."

You had a lifelong gift and massive reputation for being a "noble disrupter"!  One can only imagine the
noble disruption you are causing now!!!

I feel you right here, right now.  We remain connected…heart to heart…beyond the physical.  Our
connectivity transcended the physical the moment you touched my heart many decades ago.

I am and will remain deeply committed to living your legacy of "Noble disruption,” full tilt bozo :)
(with all that I am and all that I have). 

 It’s our turn now to stand for you and on behalf of your loving legacy of “Noble disruption”.

 I will do the best I can to take that noble stand, including whatever massive action necessary to preserve
and transform our world into one that works for Everyone. 

 I’m missing you big time Papi.   

 You often reminded me that adversity tests and teaches us… ultimately resulting in a gift.

 I know “everything is perfect” especially when it doesn’t appear to be…
This is where you and our dear friend “Bucky” warned me, my faith would be tested most.  So be it!  

I’ll see you on the other side soon enough. In the meantime, your beat goes on within all of us.

Thanks for being my friend, lifelong mentor and inspirational example. 

I will always love you.

 Mr. Bill Allen

On behalf of Bill and his family I am asking that you join me in making a generous donation to support the exorbitant expenses incurred (exceeding $100K) for Bill's Mexico medical expenses and Emergency
Airlift back to the U.S.

I am certain Bill and his family will appreciate any contribution you can muster.  
“Leaders give and givers get”.

Aloha and Best Regards

Mr. Bill
Town Janitor

You can make a donation here, wire money directly to Bill's Wife,
Gail L. Weaver:
Wells Fargo account

Or send a check to:
William Galt
c/o Gail L. Weaver
6058 Crawford St.
San Diego, CA 92120

Thank you!

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