Help Honour a Legend: Support the 'Big Joe' Doc

About the Project:

Hi there!

We are thrilled to introduce you to a project very close to our hearts: the 'Big Joe' documentary.

This film is a tribute to the remarkable life and legacy of Joe White, an extraordinary basketball coach from East London, who used the failure of his own NBA dreams as motivation to use basketball as a tool to change lives, both on and off the court in Hackney — the most dangerous borough in the the UK at the time — before tragically losing his life at just 40 years old.

Joe's impact on the basketball world was nothing short of legendary. In just 14 years coaching, he won 21 junior national league titles, and 16 national schools titles, but more importantly provided a safe place and direction for thousands of youngsters in London.

Thirty two of his players went on to play professionally, including 1 in the NBA and 2 in the London 2012 Olympics.

His dedication and passion for the game were unparalleled, and his influence continues to reverberate through the lives and communities he touched, to this day.

The Vision:

'Big Joe' is more than just a documentary; it's a celebration of an individual who dedicated his life to the sport he loved. Through riveting interviews, captivating stories, and never-before-seen footage, we aim to capture the essence of this incredible man's journey.

From the gritty courts of East London to the international stage, Joe's story is one of triumph, inspiration, impact, and the unbreakable bonds forged through the love of basketball.

The Team Behind the Vision:

This project has been brought to life through the two of us; Sam Neter and Dani Arroniz.

We have poured our hearts and souls into 'Big Joe' for the past four years, working voluntarily for the Hoopsfix Foundation, whose mission is to grow and raise the profile of basketball in the UK.

The Challenge:

We have self funded to the tune of £12,000 to ensure 'Big Joe' reaches its full potential. However, to secure the rights to the crucial archive footage that paints the vivid picture of Joe's career and life, we face a funding gap of £20,000 to cover the licensing fees from sources like Getty Images, the NBA, IOC, Sky, and ITV.

We do not have the money to be able to fund this ourselves, and until we are able to pay for the rights to this footage, we are unable to release the film.

How You Can Make a Difference:

Your support will be instrumental in preserving the legacy of Coach Joe White and bringing his story to a wider audience, hopefully inspiring future generations. By contributing to our campaign, you become an essential part of this tribute. Every pound brings us closer to our goal and ensures that the story of 'Big Joe' will be told.

Here's how you can help:

Donate: Every contribution, big or small, makes a significant impact. Your generosity paves the way for Joe's story to be shared with the world.

Spread the Word: Share our campaign with your friends, family, and fellow basketball enthusiasts. Together, we can create a groundswell of support for 'Big Joe.'

Connect with Us: Follow our journey on social media - @Hoopsfix and be the first to know about updates, and behind-the-scenes content.

Join Us in Celebrating a Basketball Legend

Together, we can ensure that Joe White's legacy lives on, inspiring future generations of athletes and coaches. Your contribution brings us one step closer to making 'Big Joe' a reality. Let's honour this extraordinary man and recognise the indelible mark he left on the world.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.
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  • Charles Barry
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    • 1 mo
  • Iain Marshall
    • £20 
    • 1 mo
  • Anntoinette Bramble
    • £25 
    • 1 mo
  • Anthony Garbelotto
    • £250 
    • 2 mos
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