BeyondLeafy LLC  is a family owned and operated urban farm that grows naturally grown produce for the hyper-local community within Southeast Alaska.  Through advanced technology and innovative growing techniques, we are able to produce leafier, greener, and fresher produce.  Our approach enables us to grow year-round, using 95 percent less water, in one tenth of the space compared to traditional  farming.

    Alaska communities receive Leafy Greens that lack quality.  A large percentage of the produce, more specifically the leafy greens and herbs, arrive wilted or rotten.  My wife and I  invested our time, energy and money gathered from a bit of savings, our retirement and capital leveraging of our personal credit to personally build a farm to deliver to the community..  BeyondLeafy, L.L.C. embarks on a journey to local sustainability where our belief in our community to sustain itself and a high level of support from community, family and friends motivated our family to move forward with our Vision.

    Our 100 tower hydroponic operation is environmentally controlled.  The farm LED lights provide red and blue spectrums of light for optimal and uniform growth that rivals the Sun’s rays.  BeyondLeafy, L.L.C.reserves water using a  recirculating system with nutrients that efficiently provide for our plants without using pesticides.

These methods give us advantages such as:

Fresh, healthy produce for the local community
Year-round production
Faster and Bigger individual products
Uniform plant growth due to optimum growing conditions
Greater yield per plant
Efficient production to preserve our natural resources
Reduce our carbon footprint

    We are selling fresh basil at prices competitive with vendors from the lower 48 states and Mexico. We have started providing basil to the City and Borough of Sitka. Our goal will be to reduce the cost of herbs and greens as much as 15 20% of the current market price throughout Southeast Alaska. Our quality herbs plus the fact that we can produce the same day harvest from farm to dinner table far exceeds the quality compared to produce shipped from the ‘lower 48’ and Mexico.

Encouraging support for our mission

    To serve our community, we resigned from our comfortable and reliable jobs in state and federal occupations. After depleting our savings, money from our retirement and capital leveraging of our personal credit, we managed to invest $50,000. Our family took these risks because we believe that our community can sustain ourselves, and we know that each generation will grow from the foundation laid by the previous generation.

    BeyondLeafy L.L.C. is going to expand operations to a larger facility in order to grow additional types of produce such as kale, romaine, chard and other leafy greens and herbs.  The ongoing operation will expand and polish our current status of sustainability, creating a path of sustainably produced leafy greens from Sitka to the outreaches of Southeast Alaska.  To accomplish this, we are seeking donations to reach our goals.  

Donations contribute to the following business expenses:

Fixed Business Expenses

Rockwool, seeds, and nutrients
Propagation equipment
Business insurance
Rent and utilities
Labor and marketing costs
Variable Business Expenses

Legal/Accounting Services
Auto maintenance
Building Contractor
Boat fuel and equipment
Property Lease
Building a production unit and the vertical farm within it

    Sustainability is already defined. Economic sustainability enables us to expand development and growth, without significant deterioration of the environment and depletion of natural resources on which human well-being depends. This definition measures income as flow of goods and services, that an economy can generate indefinitely without reducing its natural productive capacity.

    As we ask for donations, we have to thank those  who have pitched in to making our family dream a Sitka reality. The technology, educational resources and leaders like Dr. Nate Story with Bright Agrotech inspired our mission at BeyondLeafy L.L.C..  They also contribute on a greater scale in the agricultural industry of hydroponics.  Dr. Nate Story and his colleagues at Bright Agrotech are industry leaders who have developed a tried and true system for business startups, worldwide.  We are currently in contact with Bright Agrotech out of Laramie, Wyoming regarding construction of this expansion project.  Bright Agrotech was recently acquired by Plenty Corporation in San Francisco to continue to share their construction expertise and hands-on building help. We continue to be guided by this wisdom in hopes of nourishing the community with healthier, quality leafy greens at a lower price.

For more information about our mission and how we do it visit or our facebook

For more information about Plenty Corporation in San Francisco visit


Jim Kranz
Sitka, AK

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