Beginning to heal

February 5th, 2018 is a day forever engraved in our minds. That day has become a bitter sweet memory for our family. As we make every effort to keep walking this journey through life with one less sister, daughter, friend (RIP Chels) we must now focus on the recovery and survival of Sharice and Her boys. They have a long road ahead of them.

Five shots. Five holes. Five future scars. Five daily reminders......

Sharice has many months of physical therapy ahead. Her body has suffered something that it is hard to comprehend how she is even still here with us. BUT WE THANK GOD!!! The pain she feels most times is unbearable. Meds are doing the best to minimize it but it isn’t enough. There is no feelings in her fingers on one side. Her elbow is still wrapped from the reconstruction surgery- we don’t even know what it looks like yet. Her holes from the bullets are still open as they continue to monitor them. It will take months before they begin to close on their own.

The massive holes plaguing her body not only bring physical pain but also serve as a reminder of the day that forever changed her life. Not only does she dwell on that fact that she shouldn’t be standing here today, she also replays those last moments of watching her baby sis being murdered before her eyes. That is something that you can not unsee. She goes through a roller coaster of emotions. One minute she is smiling at her boys and cracking jokes with us, the next she climbing back into bed trying to escape her new reality.

Many  may not know that all these terrible events took place where Sharice lives and works. It is hard for Sharice to sit home looking across the way at the home that use to house our baby sister, the same house that took her life and changed Sharice’s forever. On top of that she has to manage to keep straight face to work in the front office of this same  complex seeing people day in and day out who know all the pain that took place there. So we are making plans to help her relocate to Atlanta to be closer to us as we help each other through this dark season in our lives.

It will be some time before she can return to work and resume her daily activities. Although she has no choice but to take time a way from work, the bills we continue to flow in. Her two young boys will still need constant care and attention. Her medical services and medicine still need to continue.

We want to thank all of our family and friends who have intentionally prayed for our family during this sad season in our lives. We thank everyone who have stepped up and offered helping hands in different areas when ever possible.

We love you and truly appreciate you.
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