Beaux’s corrective surgery

Meet Beaux, he is a 4 year old Pitbull that I got during a rough period in my life and share a great bond.  He's been a great companion to my family and I but recently his health has been compromised and we may lose him any day now.  

Due to a recent visit on January 12,2022 at Safe Haven Animal Hospital for kidney stone removal (cystotomy), he now has to have corrective surgery that cost $6000. The same day Beaux was discharged I noticed he still could not urinate, so I went back inside to inform Safe Haven staff, only to be told to wait 24 hours. Taking their medical advice I wait and come back the next day so they can figure out what is wrong,  only to be told I need to pay $150 for an xray because they did not take pre or post op x-rays.They offer hospitalization, he stays for 48 hours. When I returned to pick him up he had been neglected and just left in the cage dehydrated and covered in his own feces and still can't urinate on his own.  At this point, I don't have trust in any of the services and information provided to me, so I take him to another clinic only to be told his bladder could erupt any minute due to not being able to relieve himself while being hospitalized. Long Drive Dog & Cat Hospital immediately inserted a catheter and the sigh of relief Beaux gave broke my heart. Long Drive performed some preliminary tests and confirmed my worst nightmare, and referred me to a specialist. January 28th I visited Gulf Coast Specialist and they sat me down and explained that the incision and the placement of the stitches is the cause of the problem and that he has to have another cystotomy (remove kidney stones left behind by Safe Haven), they have to reconstruct his urethra (due to the damage of the stitches), and take away his manhood, that would cost me an additional $6000. And of course I inform Safe Haven and its owner and head doctor Amy Crum only to be shut out and ignored. Their malpractice insurance company has ALL the proof they need but still acts as if the urgency for my dog's life is not important. If we wait, the urine backwashes into his kidney and this could start a domino effect for all kinds of problems including kidney failure and an even larger bill. Beaux needs surgery now, he cannot wait on Safe Haven, Dr Amy Drum and her insurance company's 30 day waiting period, so I need some help. If you could help Beaux get the surgery he needs to live out his life without diapers and pee pads, I would greatly appreciate it. As a man I don't like to ask for help, nor financial assistance but I have no choice but to save my dog's life and a hospital whose name is SAFE HAVEN was NOT a safe haven for Beaux. Beaux deserves more years with me and my family, he's still in his prime!


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