Beat Cancer for Ricky Manning

My husband Rick and I have been married 13 years.  We have 4 kids and 3 grandkids. Heavily involved in our church. Love classic cars and spending time with family.
On Father's day 2016 he started getting sick and we called an ambulance to come and get him.  He hadn't looked sick or acted sick, hadn't lost his appetite or lost weight.  We had no idea that the next day they would remove a softball size tumor from his colon/small intestine. He was diagnosed with Stage 3C Signet Ring Colon cancer.  It’s a very aggressive, very smart Chemo resistant Cancer.  It had figured out in a short time how to maneuver thru to his lymph nodes.  He  spent 6 days in the hospital and that's where the journey starts.
He started Chemo in early September taking 6 Intravenous  treatments every 3 weeks with 2 weeks of 7 Chemo pills a day in between, and then for 2 months after for a total of 8 treatments.  He lost feeling in his fingers and toes, lost all his taste, couldn't drink or touch anything cold for at least 2 weeks after each intravenous treatment.  He wasn't able to work full time.  He is an electrician so not having feeling and being in the cold was a major problem.  In early February his treatments were done and in Mid Feb. he went for a scan and no cancer was to be found.  2 weeks later he suffered a small stroke but thankfully we got to the hospital in time and he had no paralysis.  Fast forward to May 18th
3 month follow-up:
On May 18th he went for a CT scan and to see the Doctor.  2 small Tumors were found in his Abdomen so they called for a biopsy and Petscan.  If it was only in those 2 spots they could do surgery if not chemo again or immunotherapy.  That Friday they did a biopsy of the 2 tumors and the following Wednesday the petscan.  On Thursday June 1st we saw the doctor to find out the results.  Signet ring cancer again, but in the abdomen this time. Our only option was chemotherapy to shrink it not cure it, the same type of chemo as before.....intravenous and pills. 
Help us:
Our doctor needs to do genetic testing, biopsies, scans, tests and who knows what else for any chance at new treatments to hopefully cure him. He told us that the genetic testing alone starts at $5,000 out of pocket. He's hopeful some clinical trials for immunotherapy or some new drug would be on the horizon in the next 6-12 months for Rick to try.  For those of you who know us you know what this means for our family.  For those who don't, it's a  chance to live past the statistics and diagnosis and all the treatments to a better life.  We can't do this alone.  We need our friends, family, loved ones, and complete strangers to help financially, emotionally, and to get on your knees and intercede in prayer for us. We know God is still in the miracle business, and our faith is strong.  But we have a really long journey ahead and we need all the support we can get.
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Tara Rick Manning 
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