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Now being in the post-production editing process, we are spending hours and hours away from jobs that pay the bills in order to complete this passion project. In order to be able to throw more time towards this film, please help support us. This will also allow for us to hire external editers and sound gurus to make this film reach the next level. 

The End.
Adam successfully ran across the country! Can you believe it? After 60 hard days of running (on average) 45 miles per day, he's finished! He started on February 15th in California, and finished on April 14th in Georgia, completing his first transcontinental run!


Adam has faced many challenges in his transcontinental run and so our time on the road has expanded another 2 weeks. Which means we are having to make crazy commitments to make filming this journey happen! I am currently living out of my wife's Subaru for the remaining 2 weeks and I could really use your help! Thanks for following, sharing, and supporting this film!

Forest, Forest Gump :)

Happy Easter!

1,000 Miles Video

500 Mile Video

Day 1 Highlight Video

Hello. Thanks for checking out our project!

We are Charlie and Paul, two filmmakers setting out on an adventure to film a world record breaking run. Adam Kimble, an Ultra-Marathoner athlete from the Chicago area, will be running across the country starting February 15th. He'll start in Huntington Beach, CA and finish in Savannah, GA. We believe in his abilities and his story and so we are fully investing our own time, money and resources into the making of this documentary. But, in order to make it something amazing, we need your help! Would you consider backing our project and allowing us to tell his story on film? Will you join us in this adventure?

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Help be apart of a story that is motivating for all!

Funding this campaign will help us with transportation costs, equipment costs & post-production costs such as editing and aggregating the film to iTunes, Netflix and the like.
Regardless if we meet our goal, the total amount raised will help us tremendously with our expenses for the making of this film! Every dollar helps!

Adam is dedicated to motivating people to strive for the goals that seem impossible. He wants to help motivate you to attack and accomplish your goal no matter how big or small. His motivation is to help you grow as an individual, wherever you are. That's why we want to be able to share his heart and his journey with the world through this film. 

Obviously the most common question is, "Can he do it?"

Well, we think regardless of the outcome of his journey, there will be a story to be told. And that's what makes filming documentaries fun!

Also known risks are as follows:

Weather, Animals, Dogs, Snakes, Tumble Weeds, Overall Health, Sunburn, Dehydration, Frost Bite, Cramping, Malnutrition, Sleep Deprivation, Mental Exhaustion, Getting hit by a car, Tripping, and on and on...

If you are unable to contribute financially, we understand, we're poor too. But, please consider sharing this page with your friends! It would mean a lot to us!
Where is Adam now?
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Behind the scenes and on the road:
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