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MÔË Steps to Success  is a self-improvement book that will ultimately teach you emotional intelligence and existential knowledge. This book has the overall goal of showing you how to identify their learning preference to commit to a prosperous lifestyle.  Emphasizing the importance of six topics that heavily rely on each other, going into the success process, and acquiring a fulfillment lifestyle. 

Re-Imagining the Self
Re-Imaging the Education System
Manifesting the life you Envision 

Website Link: MÔË Steps to Success ReImagining the Education System and the Self 

This book reimagines the educational system and the self to have a prosperous and content lifestyle. The objective is to re-envision what’s taught in school to create independent thinkers with the reflection of the self that allows youth to use those practices in their personal lives as an adult and rising entrepreneur.

What do you get from this book?
From this book, you receive a first-hand view and understanding regarding the complexity of people's experiences to gain self-awareness, existential skills, and emotional intelligence. You will be taken through steps and activities I have used to manifest the life I have desired. 

With these practices, you will be able to 

-Break generational curses and poverty in your family
-Expand your perspectives and practice emotional intelligence 
-Change the way we think to create the life we genuinely envision for ourselves 
-Heal from past trauma and exchanging that negative energy for positive feelings like happiness. 
-Create a self-growth mindset to change bad habits into better habits that we use to have a reflective and successful path

Anyone interested in this book will learn how to practice critical thinking to discover or create the person they want to be. Furthermore, they will take the next steps in holding themselves accountable by practicing a growth mindset for the life you desire. This book is the chance to reinvent yourself and not just talk about your dreams and essential matters but to take action and make those dreams a reality! 

About Creative Director
My name is Jacey, I'm currently a Senior at Hampshire College in Amherst Massachusetts where I study Education Leadership & Entrepreneurship as a first-gen. I was born in Oklahoma and raised in Houston, Texas. I am one of ten siblings and the first in my low-income family to pursue higher education. As I got older I began questioning my family’s toxic and abusive norms and decided to choose something better. I chose to grow from my past hardships in life and lack of resources. I left Houston and attended my dream school at Hampshire College in Massachusetts where each semester I’ve worked six part-time jobs including child care, mentorship, assistant, and event planning jobs. Currently, I am working full time with Americorps as a teachers assistant, as I complete my last year in undergrad. Many may think this is a lot of things to juggle at once but I have a rule that I only get jobs that make the money feel like a bonus so I’m always holding myself accountable for my values in doing work that I enjoy. In my undergrad years, I was also able to manage to attend UMASS Amherst, Isenberg School of Management, and study abroad at Goldsmiths University of London.

My long-term goals include gaining the skills and experience to become a teacher for youth of all abilities, starting a small business under an umbrella company, particularly a non-profit, the MÔË Foundation for Greatness, that helps youth of color to pursue higher education, and a school that offers holistic learning and academic autonomy MÔË: Academy for Leaders. I seek to pave a new path of opportunity for young learners to understand what it is to be the best selves that they can be, and strive to be a part of the community that makes the world a better place as a result of their contribution.

Education has been something I've always been in sync with since I was nine years old. Highlights in my life around teaching, involve helping my older brother, who has developmental disabilities to learn and grow, and singing songs with my nieces to help them memorize their vocabulary words. Small experiences like these helped me realize my passion for teaching. I currently teach youth self-growth and financial literacy as I seek to help my students have a flourishing life. I practice having a proactive over a reactive mindset by training my brain and changing my thought process in my personal experience to have the happiest life possible. I see money not as the end goal but as a tool to have financial freedom and achieve one’s best self. My greatest value is achieving "Eudaimonia", meaning to have a flourishing life; a content state in being happy, healthy, and prosperous (Aristotle). Now in my personal life, I practice having a proactive mindset over one that is reactive by training my brain and changing my thought process.


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Jacey Shalé Carrier 
Amherst, MA