Never Surrender - Fundraiser

Heyyyyy everyone! :) :) :)
Feel free to share this fundraiser! It would help a tonne!

And thank you, thank you, thank you for your encouragement, enthusiasm and being so stoked for me! Its been awesome!!! 

What happened,

As some of you know: My lower body was paralyzed in a Snowboarding crash in Whistler B.C., and it wasn't lookin too good for a little while, but little things, muscles, nerves, started to wake up...

December 2014, A Snowboarding crash, left me paralyzed from the belly button down. With a broken verterbrae and enough nerve damage to paralyze my lower half, my muscles shriveled away because I couldn't move anything at all or feel anything but nerve pain, which is extremely intense. A few months after the crash, my toes came back to life, on one foot anyway!!! And I began recovering movement all over my legs and hips and back. So its been over 2.5 years and I'm still going, still getting it back. My ultimate goal, is to get back on my feet full time.

I've set a GOAL and its bold, I want to share it with you!

I AM walking outside ASAP. with the assistance of a walker, I've already stepped out the front door once! (Completed Aug 5th 2017) 

The GOALs 

A Walk in The Park, hahaha, to the park to be accurate!

A walk to Alpha Lake Park, The target is two kilometers away over uneven surfaces, and when I do that, I'm going to set my sights on a 4.6 kilometer stretch with hills up and down. ie Creekside to Whistler Village, and I'm going to do that by Oct 21st 2018 or sooner, thats the big goal for now!

- Small goal is to be able to walk outside alone with the help of a walking aid ASAP. 

Next Major Goal

Creekside to Whistler Village 4.6 Kms

Whats the money for?

This is a fundraiser for

- An occasional personal trainer
- And a piece of rehab equipment,  Pilates Reformer

I am getting one of three different models, depending on how much love can be raised. Each model is more diverse than the next, each model offers more options than the previous.

And its the perfect thing to help me get back up on my feet. I have been using this exact machine in physio for over a year and it has provided incredible opportunity to get back up. 

I'll need to be doing 200 - 500 squat reps a day and every other exercise this diverse machine can enable as I get stronger.

With your help I can get this , its called a "Pilates Reformer" and I can really push forward and progress much more quickly.

Here's the dream, depending on how much love will come from others that want to see this happen, will determine which model I can get my little butt into. There are three different models, each one more diverse than the next...

1. SPX Reformer

2. SPX Max Plus Reformer

3. The Rehab V2 Max

This is a link to the SPX Reformer I'm fundraising for,

If much more money than expected comes in I'm going for one of these models, which is a much more advanced model, offering many more options for strengthening.

SPX Max Plus

The Rehab V2 Max

So there it is! Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm and awesomeness!!! I am puuuuumped!


Love, love, love, Brendan :)

:) Soooo stoked!

Thanks youuuuu for all the love and support! You guys have made my life awesome!
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