Help Bradley Return To A Normal Life

Roger Caras, a great animal activist, once said that "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole".  My life, and the lives of my family and friends have become that much more fuller, brighter, and happier with one sweet snuggle from Mr. Bradley Bear Knight.

Life has not always been kind to our tender little boy. He has suffered a major loss in his young life, has overcome serious anxieties (to which we owe our vet and  behaviorist everything), and he even walks this life with a progressive atrophy of his retinas (which will eventually lead to blindness). For a 48 pound pit-mix, that seems like a huge burden to bear, but I assure you, we have taken it all in stride. Bradley is a dog that is full of love, excitement for adventures (beach walks were interesting, much rather stick to the desert paths), and always eager to snuggle and love.

Unfortunately, we were given another bump in our road together. While running and playing, Bradders ruptured one or more of his intervertebral discs. This trauma has brought pressure against his spinal cord, causing pain, weakness, and the building threat of paralysis. Currently, we are trying to care for this in the most conservitave way, but to truly be given a chance to live his life to the fullest, our 5 year old needs surgical intervention. Beginining with a visit to a neurologist, Bradley will need a CT Scan to find out specifically where the injured discs are... then those discs need to be removed. Time is of the essence, as we risk his ability to walk, and make an effective recovery.

Neurologists, multiple treatments, and lengthy hospital stays...this is all quite expensive, but we love our dog. He is our best friend, a loyal comrade, and a very important piece in making US whole.  If you can, please help us save our Bradley...or please share this fundraiser with someone who may be able to donate. Thank you!

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Alison Knight
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