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ALMA'EDAH Project - How an Upscale Bakery/Cafe Enterprise in Dakar Will Transform Communities in Senegal and Beyond.

I, Bassirou Sambe, and on behalf of my family and community, seek your help and support in starting a pastry bakery/cafe project in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa. I will be running this enterprise with young women who have been trained and certified in the food industry business. I believe my unique experience and professional partnership with my daughter and her colleagues will create an exciting, vibrant, prosperous venture that inspires and empowers these young bakers to excel and contribute to the transformation of our communities and the economic prosperity of Senegal at large. 

Having been diagnosed with colon cancer in December 2021 and encountering severe challenges, it has become apparent to me that it is time that I return home immediately for my good and the good of my family and community. I could continue to service and work in my people's presence while recovering and healing.
I will be filled with joy and grace when I return to Africa and share my baking skills and experience with my daughter and her ambitious young colleagues, who are eager to change their lives for the better and become independent. And may our perseverance, resilience and success inspire others in our beloved community, our country and our continent.
People are offering me their skills, resources, connections, creativity and prayers. I am surprised and humbled by their interest and enthusiasm. I have gone from keeping my dream to myself to sharing it with others.
Even a friend’s young son recalled an adorable music video of African youth dancing with plates of food. He demonstrated his dance version by holding a plate of imagined pastries. Such a video by this young director, with clips of people dancing with authentic pastries in Senegal and the U.S., could become viral and create instant global awareness and support for the ALMA'EDAH project.

My parents moved to The Gambia in the early 50s. My father lived and worked for the rest of his life in The Gambia, where the family was born. I returned to Senegal as a young man in 1993. I came to the U.S. in June 2000 at age 40 to study mathematics, graduate and become certified in teaching. I attended Hostos Community College for two years. After earning an Associate Degree in Science, I planned to continue my education at City College (CUNY), but due to unforeseen circumstances, my education pursuit ended.
My love and passion for baking started when I met a Moroccan chef in Queens, very experienced and skillful in pastry. I learned from him, advanced and moved up the ladder. I have 15 years of baking experience and managing operations at several establishments. 

When I traveled to the US in June of 2000 from Senegal, I left behind my wife, daughter of two years old, and my son, eight months old. I have not returned since I left home, which means 22 years of absence from my family. I have nevertheless been a devoted husband and parent throughout the two decades of separation by establishing a good relationship with them and providing them with financial and moral support to the best of my ability. 
Through our close bonds, I encouraged my daughter to enter the food industry business, which she did. She has completed her course in pastry and restaurant and earned her diploma, allowing me to partner with her and her school associates in this business when I return home.
I am very proud of my daughter for having the courage and determination to start and take action to realize our dream without adequate resources. She could not afford to rent a store, so she decided to work from home and sell in the street by displaying her goods in a showcase she brought outside. She has been passing out fliers for catering events and occasions. She has extensively researched equipment pricing and site locations and obtained all necessary legal documents for starting our business. 
We named our venture ALMAEDAH, which means “the table spread with food.” It related to the story of the Prophet Jesus Christ when his disciples, who had been starving in the wilderness for days, begged him to pray to God to send food to them so they could eat from it. And may  ALMAEDAH multiply across Dakar, Senegal, Africa and abroad! My daughter and I have faith that all will be provided for our ALMAEDAH bakery/cafe to manifest and that we will share the bounty and blessing and give delicious nourishment to those who come from near and far. 

 Our bakery will be run on a clean energy solution system using a zero-emission sustainable power source from a Hydrogen power supply unit. This power supply does not emit smoke or excess heat to cause environmental pollution. 
The bakery will also play a role in the food chain industry supply and help boost Senegal’s economy and provide good-paying jobs. The young women bakers and cooks will be empowered to compete on our country's economic and social platforms, promoting gender equality and reducing the income gap between men and women. 

A long-term objective for embarking on this Bakery/Cafe Project is to acquire capital that would allow our community of farmers to obtain more advanced agriculture tools and equipment to increase productivity dramatically.
I possess 110 hectares of fertile family land in my village of Butane, Senegal, that is accessible freely to all members of the family who need it for farming at any time. My community has been appealing for help for just three (3) tractors for the entire village to share, make plowing much easier, and increase food crop production. Essential tools and equipment are lacking. 
Once established as a sustaining and successful enterprise, a portion of the bakery/cafe profits will support an envisioned local agriculture program based primarily on food crop farming, animal stock farming, vegetable gardening, and poultry farming. This project will invigorate our local economy and provide youth employment and training. 
It’s also possible that through the publicity generated by ALMAEDAH, this agriculture aspiration becomes known and contributed to by interested persons and parties even before the bakery/cafe generates sufficient profit. 

All of these achievements mentioned above will support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for elevating the world’s conditions, specifically #1 Eradicate poverty, #2 No hunger, #5 Gender equality, #7 Affordable and clean energy, #8 Decent work and economic growth, #10 Reduced inequality.

Even the existence of one bakery/cafe in Dakar contributes to the health and well-being of the world! 

The total budget to launch the pastry venture and keep it running is $150,000.00.  If we cannot raise this amount in donations and investments promptly, we would still kick off immediately if we obtain $50,000.00 at the lower end.
The funds will be spent on: baking and culinary tools and equipment, ingredients and baking supplies, rent and renovation costs, utilities and other miscellaneous expenses.  
Good hearts and generosity genuinely abound.  I am learning that a dream gains power and realization when “I/My” transforms into  “We/Ours.” 
We hope having read this story, you will be willing to join us with your support and be part of our fellowship journey to fulfill our ALMAEDAH dream for ourselves and the world we share.  
And when I finally reunite and hug my dear family after 22 eternal years, everyone will be embraced!  

The money collected from this fundraising will be spent entirely on these items:

1- Convection Oven $4,000.00

2- Dough Sheeter $8,000.00

3- Kitchen Aid Mixer (5 L) $ 600.00

4- Planetary Mixer (20 L) $2,200.00

5- Planetary Mixer (30 L) $4,000.00

6- Freezer (4 doors) $6,000.00

7- Refrigerators $4,600.00

8- Refrigerated Work Table $6,000.00

9- Freezer Work Table $7,000.00

10- Showcases $4,500.00

11- Baking Tools $1,500.00

12- Baking Ingredients $2,000.00

13- Portable Standby Generator $2,400.00

14- Renovation Cost $3,000.00

TOTAL COST: $55,800.00

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,
Bassirou Sambe. 


New York, NY

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