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Broken Arrow Events Deuce Fund

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Broken Arrow Events needs your help!

We’re close to securing at least two vehicles this year for Operation Cochise Green (and future events). One of our biggest plans for 2020 was to enhance our immersive Vietnam experience with a M35a2 Deuce. When the coronavirus pandemic became a threat to the health and safety of our participants we were forced to cancel the first leg of the season’s events (four or five events). The funds we would have raised from each of those games would have contributed to the next games to make each one better than the next. We always strive to create the most authentic Vietnam airsoft experiences and to go above and beyond for our players.

Joe Sullivan on the BAE Team has fronted the lion’s share towards this project and we’re asking for other individuals to help us meet our goal to obtain this beast. Anything and everything helps, whether it’s $10, $50 or even $100. Your contribution will go towards the final purchase funds and  initial maintenance to get her in tip top shape for the event. 

We believe this is an opportunity for our tight knit community to contribute to the growth of BAE. Look at a contribution to this fund as an investment in BAE’s immersive elements that make the events you already know and love so damn good. And not only for Operation Cochise Green this year, but future events as well.

We’re excited about the possibility of adding this feature to the summer’s biggest Vietnam event. We’ll be using the Deuce for everything from convoys and supply runs to medevac missions. We’re very close to making this happen for Operation Cochise Green -- help us get there!

The BAE Team


Joe Sullivan
Groton, CT

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