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I had not planned to use this page ever again - after I started back to work, I managed to get caught up on everything, and even paid forward some of the money that had been donated to me.

And then a few things happened at one time. My son's father passed away, and I found out I needed to have brain surgery. (Yes, brain surgery. FUN!) I scheduled the surgery so I could budget for the original 6-8 weeks the Dr told me I'd be out of work unpaid, and had it on February 9th.

Unfortunately, those 6-8 weeks turned into 12 weeks (I should return on 5/7 according to the neurosurgeon) - at the same time that the money my son got monthly for his disability was stopped because of the survivors benefits he'll be getting for his dad - which don't start until the 3rd week of May.

I hate doing this. I was so happy to be paying forward the help I had gotten before. And now I don't know how I'm going to pay the rent this month.

Any help would be appreciated, and as always, every dollar will be paid forward as soon as possible. (Barring upcoming tragedies, that means I'll be able to start donating again in June when I start getting paid again.) Shares and happy thoughts are highly valued also.

I just need a little help.

Old story below.

So its a very happy time for me and my son - I get to go back to work, and he gets to finally go back to daycare with his friends and the care takers hes known his entire life... 

As many of my friends know, I got laid off in December due to my office closing.  I've managed to survive until now off of my unemployment (which ended as of last week) with massive help from my mother. (I can never thank her enough.)  

I start back to work on Monday, July 10th, and I couldn't be more excited.  However, I will not receive a paycheck for 3-4 weeks (state employment is even slower than regular employment! =). ) and there are a lot of bills that are incurred during that month. 

Primarily, this means daycare and gas. I need to pay those things upfront, regardless of having no income in the meantime.  I'm really afraid to either lose the job because I can't manage to come up with the money in time, or to perpetually be behind and always trying to be playing catch up. 

Any donations received will go to bills in the following order:
Daycare (700 roughly per month - do not have the new pricing chart yet.)
Rent (600 per month)
Car insurance (150 per month)
Electric (130 roughly..varies slightly)
Gas (like 20 a week to get to work and back)
Household needs (food for gavin mainly.)
Rcn (yes, they're last. we can survive without the internet.)

If there is anything left over after that, it will go to my landlord to help pay off some of the shortages that he let me have during this time. 

I hate asking for help, but I don't see any other alternatives at this time.  So, thank you in advance - or hey, thanks for just reading my story and sending positive vibes even!

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