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This is my brother's baby, Nash. He just turned 4 months old. His mom took him for a routine doctor's visit, with his older brother in towe, when the doctor felt a lump in his abdomen and they were rushed to Cincinnati Children's Hospital where they learned that Nash had several masses on his left kidney that were affecting his diaphragm, pancreas and surrounding lymph nodes. Since that moment, their entire world has been turned upside down with baby Nash undergoing genetic testing, imaging, and surgery to remove his kidney and part of his diaphragm. We now know that Nash has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer.

In addition to the tremendous amount of medical expenses they are accumulating each day, they are also incurring costs from time off work, especially since time off work has been exhausted when Nash was born just 4 months ago. Nash's mom also recently changed jobs just a month ago so that she could spend more time with her two boys as they grow.

They are still waiting to receive a final diagnosis from the nephrectomy pathology report and have already spent nearly 2 weeks in the hospital, yet haven't even truly begun their medical journey to fight this illness and restore healing and health back to baby Nash.  I know many of you are praying for this family and that is all we can ask and is both much needed and appreciated but if you feel compelled to do more and help support baby Nash beyond prayer, that will also be appreciated beyond measure by their family. Here's their most recent update.

"Unfortunately, we still lack the answers and the good news we had so desperately hoped for.

According to the surgeon, his tumor didn't present as typical Wilm's because it was "sticky" and not as contained as they would expect Wilm's to be. The tumor was stuck to his pancreas and diaphragm and several local lymph nodes looked abnormal as well so they were removed too. They had to remove and repair part of his diaphragm too. ☹️ The surgeon came out to speak with us to get consent to insert a central line for chemo after his findings, so he now has a central line in his chest for which we will need home health to come flush and clean each week as we move through his chemo journey which can start in 2 weeks once he heals more from today's surgery. Radiation was also mentioned (been wanting to avoid this SO badly because of the many last effects it has on patients) as a form of possible treatment. So this morning we literally went from our optimistic pre-op session "we are not planning on a central line, we think we can get it all, probably won't even need chemo" to our not so optimistic post-op "we had to put in a central line, it was sticking to other organs, abnormal lymph nodes, chemo and possibly be radiation". We began to hear words like "concerning" and "agressive"...This is when my heart fell and my stomach literally flipped upside down. How can this be happening to our sweet little smiling baby Nash? We've tried so hard to stay positive, think positively, pray, read each and every prayer from others, and believe in the impossible and yet we are being tested further? My baby is in pain. My baby will be in even more pain before this gets better. And as if that wasn't enough for a mommy to worry about, some therapy drugs that can make him "better" now can have significant effects on survivors as adults. There's just so much to wrap our minds around how this is happening to our seemingly healthy baby boy.

We are told we will not know what it is or if they "got it all" until Friday (tumor) and Tuesday (lymphatic tissue). So more waiting but this time it feels different. It feels real. It feels absolutely terrifying.

Seeing Nash out of surgery in so much pain and feeling absolutely helpless as a mother is one of the HARDEST things I've EVER done. EVER. 

I couldn't hold him at first. His body lie limp from anesthesia in the giant hospital bed that made his tiny body look even smaller and more in need of snuggles. I watched while he screamed in pain. That was all I could do. I rubbed his beautiful head of hair and put my finger in his tiny hand for him to grasp. But grasp it he did and then I knew my little fighter was still in there. Here I am again drawing strength from this tiny little man. As soon as the doctors cleared me, I hopped into his bed and started holding him. Meanwhile, the nurses and doctors are getting his 4 types of pain meds under control and he finally started to relax and seem at peace in my arms.

So now we wait for a final diagnosis and staging once the pathology report comes back. I know I keep saying it but if we keep praying it has to help, right?!? Please keep baby Nash in your thoughts and prayers. Pray fervently. Pray with purpose. Pray for healing and strength. Pray for peace and joy. And then pray not only for baby Nash but for all the other families enduring this same unthinkable journey right now. 

Thanks to everyone who's supporting us through prayer, encouraging messages, hospital meal cards, snack baskets and in many other ways as well! I know everyone asks what we need and honestly we just need our baby boy to wake up and be healthy again. To have a future, to have a family, to have hope. We want to build an army of strength and love around our baby Nash. ❤️ Please continue to keep our family in your prayers.

~ The Support Baby Nash & Family Hamilton Family"

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