Babbles has wet FIP, a fatal disease.

Hello, this wonderful kitties name is Babbles, shes 11 years old, shes a talker, has always been in great health, and she used to be my shadow. She's been sick for some time now. Monday (6 days ago) our vet gave the devastating news that she's going to decline rapidly and die, likely within a couple of weeks or sooner, and I'm going to need to consider humane options very soon. She has Wet FIP, and although she's skin and bones now, her sides and belly are HUGE from fluid rapidly collecting. In simplest terms, this is caused by a Feline Corona Virus, and is comparable to the worst cases of Covid-19 in Humans, and especially this wet form, is always and quickly fatal.

He mentioned he's heard of "experimental" drugs, doesn't know much about them... And encouraged me to research the disease itself on my own so that i understand just what shes in for and how quickly shes going to deteriorate. Over the next 24 hours, I scoured the internet, and Wednesday morning I decided I was going to use this black market drug / antiviral, no matter how much further it put me into debt. It's called GS-441524, is almost identical to Remdesivere, and has an extremely high success rate... We are talking 90-95% success rates!! I couldn't find any negative feedback on it, and rather, what seemed to be thousands of success stories. The patent holder won't allow it to move further for official FDA trials, and aside from putting your best friend down, there is no other option except a slow painful death.

I was connected with local Admins/Mod on FIP Warriors, a massive group of people who devote their personal time to saving cats with FIP, and my mod was able to get me an initial batch of the drug same day, provided me with some supplies, as well as teaching / assisting with the first injection. She's being Syringe / Force fed currently, receiving constant care and attention, and last night I saw several small signs of improvement! This is going to be a long, and expensive ride...

She's been put on a high dosage of 10ml/kg, a neurological dose... So currently 2.4ml daily which will go up as she gains weight, painful injections, which will be repeated for a minimum of 84 days (perhaps longer, and another 84 days if she relapses).

I don't want to beg, and am (at this point) going to just keep racking up my debt. My mod suggested I create this, so here I am. In addition to visits to vet, regular blood work, other potential issues, each injection currently costs $15 and that's going to increase as she gains some weight back. That's actually a very low price, as my mod was able to secure me an amazing deal that isn't offered anywhere online... But the overall price is going to keep going up and up. I've already spent $947 (which is low considering I've already had 4 trips to vet, $230 on supplies so far, etc.) I started with 16 days worth of injections. Soo, that total price is going to keep growing and very quickly.

I'm not going to ask anyone for money, and I'm going to keep at this no matter what, no matter how much more i have to put on credit cards... However, if you WANT to donate, I will gladly accept. If I know you In Real Life, consider reaching out for a direct donation, as gofundme asks/suggests for huge fees, and I've always despised the huge profits they make for simply running a donations site.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading my story. I've been an emotional wreck, but I saw some small signs of improvement last night. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers, and ask that she has a smooth treatment / recovery. Thank you again, for just a thought / prayer.


Randall Girard
Glendale, AZ

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