Help Michael Beat Cancer

Hello friends and family,

I have news. I'm dealing with colon cancer, but I’m not afraid of it! 

I know this might sound really weird to hear someone say, but I’m really happy about this because I’ve been dealing with multiple significant health challenges for many years and knowing about this development is propelling me to make my primary focus at this time in my life to be my health. I’ve been told this was probably developing 4-5 years, and it accounts for why my energy has been slowly depleting like a frog in the kettle for so long and I’ve just been adjusting to it but not knowing why it was happening and be greatly frustrated that I wasn’t able to do most of the things I wanted to do. I can look back in increments of time and see how I could do more previously than I can now. In addition to that I’ve had debilitating back pain going back to 2003. It’s been really frustrating and agonizing or a very long time. I spent many years in near constant level 7-9 pain greatly affecting sleep quality, mood, mobility and other things. 

I saw some new symptoms develop in February that progressed through May such as a racing heart and getting easily winded. When the heart checked out, the doctor wasn’t sure where to go next, but I felt compelled to give blood when the Red Cross came to work despite the fact I knew it would wipe me out. I followed that intuition and found out my body utterly failed their anemia test. They were surprised it was only at 6.6 hemoglobins instead of 13-15. This led my doctor to refer me to a gastroenterologist to be screened for Crohn’s disease since that would explain the symptoms and is an illness common to develop for those like me who have an autoimmune illness that was causing all the back pain I experienced. The GI doctor told me it was most likely Crohn’s but we’d need to screen for cancer as well. Each time someone suggested Crohn’s it didn’t resonate with me, so when the doctor was surprised that it was cancer instead of Crohn’s, I wasn’t surprised.

The oncologist told me the cancer has moved the party to the liver which to them means they can treat it but not cure it. Stage 1-3 is when it’s in the colon and lymph nodes only, and stage 4 is if it’s moved to a neighboring organ. The great news is that imaging shows the lungs are clear. The reason they can cure stage 1-3 is because they just remove the section of the colon that is affected, but once it’s gotten to stage 4 they usually don’t recommend removing a section of the colon and go to whole body treatments. In my case they still recommended surgery because the illness has been making it difficult to get the nutrients I need because it is near the transition from small to large intestine that is a delicate place because of the ileocecal valve. Physics says that when you increase or decrease the inside diameter of a tube, the amount of volume you can move through it increases or decreases exponentially. Between high levels of inflammation which causes tissue to swell and a malignant mass that has developed there, the opening is smaller than it needs to be so my weight has been dropping. I’m normally 155-160 pounds, and now I’m down to only 125. The view of oncology is that the tissue is too far diseased to be recoverable. However, 5 years ago a rheumatologist told me the only way to avoid being disabled in 20 years because of the autoimmune issue was to take an immune system altering drug that had undesirable side effects and cost $30,00 per year. I declined it knowing very little about health but enough to know there is a natural option. Over the next 2 years I found knowledge and understanding of holistic health started finding me rather than me needing to search for it when I didn’t have the energy to. That led me to someone who has become a good friend, Tim James.

Tim had a friend who had a cancer diagnosis with no real hope from oncology, so he went to the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida and brought Tim along to support his journey. HHI doesn’t treat illnesses; instead they teach people and enable them to tune their body to it’s most health state through lifestyle change which gives the body the best ability to do what it already knows to do and heal itself. Tim lived the lifestyle as a way of supporting his friend and found that several of his health challenges began to fall away, so he adopted the lifestyle fully and years later he has become a health coach helping others get well. When I started working with him 3 years ago, I lived raw vegan very strictly focusing primarily on live foods like sprouts and wheatgrass. Within 3 weeks I was sleeping through the night rather than waking up with back spasms in the middle of the night and being unable to get back to sleep without a narcotic or getting up and walking around 10-15 minutes which is the last thing you want to do when this has been a nightly occurrence for many years. I also experienced other health improvements that were unexpected. I’ve come to call them collateral benefits, and this is common among those who adopt this lifestyle. First of all sleep apnea which was classified as severe sleep apnea became much less severe. This is because living this lifestyle naturally reduces inflammation and in my case the apnea is caused by swollen tissue that reduces the inside diameter of my body’s respiratory airway.

I was convinced this was the life I needed to adopt, but it was challenging because I needed to learn a lot more to know how to get nutrients without using food options from the standard American diet. Additionally, I was blessed to have a job that provided free food for both breakfast and lunch, but that added to the challenge because most of the food served was the kind of food that would contribute to my health challenges. This is why the timing of everything is so perfect. I was laid off in May and it was within about 3 weeks that we discovered this development. This has given me the time to make the trip to Florida that I’ve wanted to make for 3 years now. I’m opening this GoFundMe account, because it is very expensive to come here. I paid $10,000 to come here for their 3 week Life Transformation Program, and I was very blessed to have the funds to cover that. I’ve been here 2 weeks now and discovered right away I will need to be here longer. I’m currently working on staying 2 more weeks, and adding a program called the Cancer Wellness Program. The cost for this will be $7,000 for accommodations and $6,000 for the Cancer Wellness Program. I know these numbers may sound high, however, there’s several things to consider with that.

HHI is set up on 50 acres of land in West Palm Beach, Florida, where the sun is common which is vital to health change. There are nearly 200 employees that facilitate the services that need to be available to those who need to heal. There are many buildings that require upkeep, and the utilities alone would be very costly. In addition, the food served here is of the highest quality that is not only organic but also mostly raw, living foods which are the most nutrient dense foods available.

HHI has been in existence for 63 years now and has an impeccable track record for developing protocols based on experience and success. They are constantly learning and updating their approach to healing and a lifestyle of health. 

If anyone is concerned about supporting something like this that is so costly, I'd like to share a few thoughts. This is a non-profit organization. There is far more to health and healing than simply what we eat and what we do with our bodies. Health is a total experience including mind, emotions and spirit. This is very understood here, and it's very tangible around the campus. It is such an environment of Love that it feels like one one of the places on Earth that most closely feels like Heaven on Earth. I know both from prior professional experience working in health insurance and from other's story in similar situations that if one experiences a diagnosis of a critical illness, even if they follow the treatment plan recommended from Western medicine and have really strong health insurance, the costs become astronomical. The choice to come to HHI vs using Western medicine is not necessarily more expensive, and both the short term and longterm benefits are incredibly high. I've met several people here either as guests, volunteers or paid staff that came here a number of years ago in a similar state of health as I am and not only fully healed and recovered but also live a full and vibrant life. I've met several who've healed of cancer, one of which was so bad off when he came, one time they thought he died while he was here. Now he's one of the senior medical staff.

I came here because I was attempting to live the lifestyle at home but found it was too demanding to both learn and execute at the same time. I wasn’t able to do enough of the protocols as consistently as needed given the level the illness had progressed to even after moving in with very willing, loving family who did a lot to help and support. I want to specifically thank my aunt, mother and cousins for helping so much.

I had posted in August that I was opting for surgery because the severity of the symptoms was increasing and greatly impacting my ability to eat. However, after scheduling the procedure I spent the next 3 days adding a new protocol I hadn’t used before and that was developed at HHI and used their daily with all guests. On the third day of using that protocol I noticed a dramatic improvement in the symptoms. This is because the restriction is not just from the malignancy but also inflammation and the protocol that was added both reduces inflammation and is very effective at treating cancer and colon cancer more so than others. Since the beginning of June I've dramatically changed my daily choices to align with this lifestyle and one result has been a 1/3 reduction in the level of inflammation in my body between January and July 2018, and there's strong evidence to believe that change happened solely between June and July this year.

Upon arriving at HHI I discovered that the found of this organization, Ann Wigmore, healed herself of stage 4 colon cancer, and people began asking her for guidance which led to this organization being developed. The current co-directors worked with her directly, and they all learned together.

In the last 2 weeks that I’ve been here I have experienced an amazing outpouring of love that obliterated my expectations. Fellow guests and staff alike have showered me with so much love, attention and care that has blown me away completely. The first week was pretty overwhelming given all the things to navigate, and everytime I needed something, someone was right there to help and more than willing. I’ve been so cared for that it’s almost like I’m the only person here who has a significant health challenge. There have been some really rough days where I’ve been in bed almost all day and unable to leave my room, but the nursing staff that is available 24/7 has always had completely natural solutions and we’ve found ways to give the body what it needs. I don’t hide much here. When I’m struggling and get emotional, I just let it happen wherever I am, so everyone is very aware of my challenges. Despite the challenges my health has progressed upward ever since arriving here, and this week especially I’m getting many comments about how much better I look and how much more energy I’ve had.

I’ve been able to meet with all of the senior staff here privately. Both co-directors are fully persuaded my body can fully regenerate without the need for toxic drugs and invasive surgery. My biggest fear in coming here was to be here and possibly discover the need to move to surgery when the surgeon I’d be most comfortable working with is back home. As I said before, I’ve had new experiences every day I’ve been here that demonstrate how all my needs are being provided for, and that was also true of the question about surgery. As it turns out, the Director of Energetic Medicine here is a former heart surgeon. He left the industry because he discovered there was no scientific evidence to prove that most heart surgeries performed were necessary and were a benefit to his patients. He consulted with me and while acknowledging the potential for surgery to be needed, he advised that my body is not there yet. He has set me up with certain protocols to give my body what it needs to heal.

On May 31st I was hospitalized because of the progression of the illness. At the time it was believed to be Crohn’s and not cancer, but even then I knew this would become the catalyst to propel me into everything I need to learn about optimal health which would lead to me becoming the most healthy version of myself I have ever been, and I would begin living the most vibrant life I’ve ever had which I’ve longed for for the last 2 decades when my health began to degrade.

Besides learning this lifestyle for my own health, I know this journey is going to be a significant part of my life from now forward. I will continue to learn as I go and would love to share whatever I learn with those who are interested in living the best life they can.

I’m very grateful to my friend Tim James and the staff at HHI. If you are inspired by the benefits I’ve received from working with them so far and would like to explore if you can benefit from them as well, feel free to contact me, and I’ll connect you.

I’m fully persuaded this is my path, and I’d love it if you joined me on this journey by supporting me in any way you’re inclined whether, financially or just by sending Love my way.

In health, happiness and Love,

Michael Andrew
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