Avocados for Amy

Thanks for checking out my Go Fund Me page! Initially, I was asking for monetary contributions to help be able to buy avocados and other groceries. Now, I ask for help so that I can build a savings account so that I can continue to be able to pay my medical bills. Most importantly, I want to be seen and treated by leading Ehlers-Danlos syndrome specialists, many of whom are not covered by my health insurance.

I suffer from various medical conditions such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, asthma, chronic headache, gastroparesis and more! Many surgeries lie ahead. I want to improve my quality of life and be as active as I can, despite suffering from a degenerative illness that has caused major damage to the majority of the joints in my body.

Just one year ago, I was absolutely struggling to afford groceries, utilities, and housing. I count my lucky stars because friends, family, and strangers came thru and donated money to me! In December of 2018, I finally won my appeal and was approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. I thought that I was going to be relieved of the high cost of health insurance. I was wrong. 

Medicare costs are out of control. If I switched from my partner's health insurance to Medicare A. B, supplemental insurance, and prescription drug coverage, I would be spending about $4000 more a year. So, I decided to stay on my partner's health insurance plan.

My medical costs are around $7000 a year. That includes premiums, deductibles, prescriptions, etc. Currently, between my monthly SSDI benefit and working part-time, I'm just able to afford life again. The downside is that my monthly income is limited, so even if I felt well enough to work more hours during some months, I will be penalized and could lose the SSDI benefits. I understand to cap the amount of money that I can earn, but some months, I'm out of work completely. For example, I was out from work from late April to mid-June because of surgery. It would be swell if the income cap was annual and not monthly.

And I sure do need to earn enough money as possible because our health insurance system is broken. I've been battling with my health insurance company for four months, trying to get them to pay for 15 post-op physical therapy visits.  Somehow, my provider was billed as out-of-network, even though he's in-network. I've gotten the bill down to just under $1500. We got the hospital to delay sending my bill to collections by one month while my insurance company tries to fix this mistake. 

Your donation will also earn you a thank you in my novel!* I might create a Patreon site to fund my writing projects. Stay tuned for updates here an on my blog.

Thank you for your consideration. 

*If it gets published. If it gets written. I seem to spend all of my free time battling with health insurance companies.
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Amy Lordan 
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