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Hello, I am Menna Musa Muhammad. I am 22 years old. I live in Gaza City. I graduated from Al-Azhar University. I lost two of my brothers during the war after my mother was making lunch and we were sitting eating together, and suddenly our lives were turned upside down as they attacked the neighborhood in which we live,

and with the dust and flying glass surrounding every place, my brotheres went down to check on the rest of my family in our neighboring house, and then I lost them in front of our house. We were unable to save them. We call more time the ambulance so that someone would come to their rescue due to the bad situation and the danger of the place No body come. We waited for more than 12 hours inside the house while

they were outside bleeding and no one came and the situation continued until the next day and then we went and buried them after our relatives came and helped us carry them. We left our house and did not take anything from it. Our house is anything we left our memories in. We went to Rafah and we did not have clothes, food, or anything.

We put up a tent, which was given to us by people we did not know who helped us and we sat inside it. Here the suffering is indescribable. My sister is sick and needs treatment, and she needs medicines that are not available at the present time due to the lack of medicines, and my nephew has electricity.

The brain needs treatment, and my sister-in-law has a thalassemia patient and needs medications and treatments due to a blood transfusion, as her blood in the past was 6. She took many units and removed the spleen because it was causing blood to break down. This is a picture of my family at the university when I graduated.

My brother was a philanthropist who helped others and neighbors, helping them with bread and water, and even charging their phones. He lived on the first floor, where he had a beautiful house with new furniture and a new TV. He was afraid the TV would break, so he put it in another room so it wouldn't break.

He also loves trees and loves to water them. One day there was a cat who climbed a palm tree for a whole day and could not come down. He ventured to taste it, but could not, for when he tried to catch it, it ran to the right and sometimes to the left. When I came down, my cat lasted about 4 days.

Then I opened the window and found her coming down alone, even though I used to love my cat and eat her every day and she slept in my lap, but the day I lost my brothers, I found the cat next to my brother in front of me from the house. It was yellow and died with them as well. This is a video of when my brother tried to save the cat

This is a video after we left our home, after we lost my brothers and headed to Rafah

This is a picture of our house after it was destroyed

On the second floor is our house, my father's house, who was with me. My mother, father, and my younger brother, whom I lost, along with my older brother, live in it. My mother loved birds.

On the day we left the house, my mother said: “Let's take the birds with us and not leave them alone, but they were not one, but 10. We could not take them because there were two birds in the cage.” This is what made my mother open the door for them and throw food on the floor so they could eat in the same house and we left them behind. Here is a video of the house from the inside after and befor

On the third floor, there is my brother with his wife and two daughters. He loves pigeons, and in the worst moments he considered pigeons like his children. Because of his intense love for pigeons, he sat crying because he could not provide food for the pigeons. What should he do? He went to the pigeons’ house and opened the door.

He found a cat coming to eat from the pigeons, which made him close the door. But he tore the ceiling so that it would fly from above instead of through the door for fear of being eaten by cats and left behind

This is a picture of my cat

In front of the house there was a place where we could sit and drink coffee. Every day he destroyed and destroyed the swing in front of the house. We lived a quiet life. We lost everything and headed to Rafah without water or food. The weight of each of us has become about half. This is a picture of the tent

I want to go out with my family. I want to continue my life abroad and study my master’s degree and treat my nephew, my sister and my brother’s wife because they need treatment and it is not available due to the lack of medicines.

I want to leave Gaza City and go to Egypt, knowing that the cost of going to Egypt is per person, and each person needs about 5,000 thousand dollars, and they number about 15.
The number of children is 10, and the travel cost per person is $2,500. The number of adults is 5, and the travel cost for each person is 5,000 thousand dollars.

The amount will be paid for travel costs to leave Gaza. I have absolutely nothing: no home, no livelihood, no university. Even my university was completely destroyed:

The surviving brother did his best to get me, my mother and my sister out of Gaza, but he is still stuck there with his wife and children amidst bombing, hunger and fear. My nieces, Alma and Dania, are very young. They need milk, diapers and clothes. The weather in Gaza is very cold, and also my brother’s children, who were lost in the war, we want to take them out to complete their treatment

I hope to complete my university studies, and I hope to go out to my family and treat my brother’s wife and their children so that we can live a decent life. I wish I were a famous girl ☺️ but war, famine, fear and sadness put us in a difficult psychological state.

I hope you will help me and donate to me, even a small amount, because this will make a difference and make me feel loved and cared for, because there are many wonderful people in this world. Only your help will protect me and my family. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for donating and reading my story. I hope to live a beautiful and normal life like everyone else. Thank you.

note. ▪️I want to explain to you that I chose Switzerland because there is no Palestine among the countries, and I have friends who help me collect donations.
▪️ To withdraw funds, I have a friend who studies in Egypt. He will help me withdraw donations and send them to me.
Thank you all ❤️


Mohamed moamer

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