Help Husband’s Health

This campaign is for my husband and I so that the two of us can get back to living finacially stable.

This is because of the health of my husband. We are not financially able to sustain ourselves because we have stocked up bills for medical treatments, hospital stays, ER visits, medications, accidents and just trying to live.

Raising money with this campaign will help give Matt and I the opportunity to financially pay off the debt that has overwhelmed us.

You may not know this, but Matt was diagnosed with an auto immune deficiency.  All his life standard infections have plagued Matt . His primary physician, chalked it all up to allergies. The three years Matt and I were together before our wedding Matt would catch illnesses, but it wasn't until 2013 when he started landing in the hospital repeatedly. 

Eventually, we were referred to an immune specialist so that he could dig deeper into why Matt was constantly, seriously ill. Matt received test results that showed a reduced rate of antibodies, ie. a failure to protect Matt’s body. The diagnosis below paved the road to better, more appropriate medications for Matt's immune system.
Hypogammaglobulinaemia can either be primary or secondary. Matt has primary. Hypo - primary is the rarer of the two types and can be presented at any age.

A treatment regimen was prescribed to help build up Matt’s immune system. The product is called Hizentra.

Here is a visual of his treatment. We administer the product below once a week.

Just recently Matt caught pneumonia and below shows what we have to pay every time we check into an ER.

Our primary goal is to get Matt healthy again. Matt must have surgery to fix his shoulder if he ever wants to play and coach tennis. We live month to month down to the dollar. Matt now manages the Pro Shop and is paid hourly. He works the hours that he needs in order to keep his benefits which include medical insurance. Continued administration of Matt’s treatment is essential to keep up his immune system and we would not be able to afford Hizentra without Matt having medical insurance.

Any amount of donation will make a huge difference for mine and Matt’s lives together. Our appreciation and gratitude can not be expressed in our lifetime. We will forever be thankful and so humbled. Thank you everyone; thank you.

For my husband,
Lauren Hoover

Below my husband has written a more personal letter. It is long but it really goes into HIS personal struggles so that his friends and family can understand his personal feelings.

My wife has not read my letter.  So she will be reading this for the first time when it is published here. 

Lauren, I love you so much, you are my world, and you have definitely lived up to the "for richer for poorer, in sickness and health" part of our marriage. You are my best friend.

Life has been tough. I get it, Life is tough for everyone. I am in the toughest place of my life. I told my wife more than once that I did not want a gofundme page. Maybe it was too much pride or I figured if I worked more than one job, sold off material things that I could turn things around. My wife went ahead and had actually started a gofundme already even after I asked her not to. It's no suprise she made one and didn't tell me because she Loves me and can see my personal pain.
Five years ago I ended up in the hospital four times in one year. The hospital kept me for more than a couple of days. One visit lasted  almost two weeks. Finally after finding the right doctor, he diagnosed me with three immunoglobulin deficiencies. These deficiencies prevent my body from fighting off infections.
I have extremely low numbers of immunoglobulins. Which is a big word for antibodies. There are 5 types of immunoglobulins(Iv) in everyone's blood.  I suffer from 3 of the 5.

The first one is IgG. IgG is the most abundant immunoglobulin in the blood. It is the antibody for viruses, bacteria, and antitoxins.

Second, is IgA. IgA is an early antibody for bacteria and viruses. It is found in saliva, tears, and all other mucous secretions. Gross, right?

Lastly, IgE. IgE is present in the lungs. It is an antibody for parasitic diseases, Hodgkin's disease, hay fever, atopic dermatitis, and allergic asthma.

The medicine used to treat all this goes by the nick-name, "liquid gold." One treatment costs upwards of THIRTEEN thousand dollars. I must infuse EVERY WEEK. Four needles go into my skin that run from a pump that holds a large syringe. I have to take the syringe, before putting it in the pump, and extract a blood product which comes from thousands of blood donors. It takes 3 hours to push the medicine under the tissue of my skin.

Up until this year we were paying a lot of money, even after insurance, to make sure I would receive my treatments. We have tried to make monthly payments to pay all of this off. We are struggling financially and being treated isn't optional. It keeps me from contracting serious infections and ending up in the hospital. Even with these treatments I can still contract other things or not fight off certain bacteria or viruses.

I caught pneumonia in early January and AGAINST the doctors orders we left the hospital early because I knew we couldn't afford another day there.

Lately my doctors are studying my heart because my resting heart rate is over 100 everyday. They need to run tests on my heart. I also need to have an MRI on my brain, more blood tests, and more doctors visits. It's hard to pay for doctors, pay for tests and make enough money to keep it under control.
I teach tennis for a living. I hurt my shoulder badly last year. In March 2018 it will be one year since I tore my rotator cuff. I have not had surgery and my shoulder is far worse than it was initially because I tried to teach with it torn. Then I tried teaching left-handed. Now I am entirely off the court. I don't seem to exist as a tennis pro anymore. Not being on the court is hard. I miss everyone I teach, it's not the same to see each other in passing. Being on the court is where tennis pros and players connect. For some tennis player's tennis is their getaway, a distraction, and fun (including me). But I'm restricted at work till the doctor clears me and he can't clear me without improvement in my shoulder. The surgeon needs a new MRI to do the surgery.  My MRI has been denied twice both for foolish reasons. My adjuster and doctor have stopped fighting with the 3rd party insurance over getting the MRI approved. They ordered physical therapy. This is the only thing that the insurance will cover.

Physical therapy is NOT helping.

 I used to get paid a small salary and most of my income came from commission on the court. Now, I only get paid hourly. My wife and I can't afford to pay for a new MRI. We are still paying off an MRI from March. Lauren and I can't afford a place to live. We broke a lease and luckily her family lives close by, so we are staying with them. Even without rent and utilities we cannot save money. Neither one of us makes enough to pay regular bills. Currently we have a  negative balance in our bank account. Our savings account is now at $0. We have sold furniture, clothes, and other belongings to earn some money. We have racked up credit card debt to pay for bills on medical expenses. Our families have helped as much as they can but still struggle with their own problems. We just want to pay all of our bills every month without putting them on more credit cards. We have auto Insurance, auto payments, health insurance, student loans, prescriptions, cell phone bills, credit card debt from paying bills (maxed out our Amex on my treatments) and then just the regular things that end up putting us behind. It's a vicious cycle. We spend most of our time looking at a huge folder,  pulling out all our bills, and going over what can we pay, when, and how. Most bills go back into the folder because we can't afford to pay them.

My wife went grocery shopping a week ago to get some essentials. When she showed me what she got I had to tell her, "We can't afford all of this." So she dug the receipt out of the trash and returned some things. I've been rational and strong for 10 months and I feel destroyed physically, mentally, and emotionally.

True story, when I asked Lauren's parents if they would give their blessings before my proposal, they actually said, "No." It was the worst feeling I have ever experienced. Lauren's grandmother and aunt were both there to make matters worse. After a LONG talk I did convince them that I loved her more than anything in the world. But before I could get their blessing I had to swear to them I would take care of their daughter for the rest of our lives. I am failing the promise I made. On top of her having to dig a receipt out of the trash and return some shampoo, I can honestly say I have never felt worse.
My friend Cassie asked how I was doing the other day. A lot of people who genuinely care ask that question. Instead of giving her the regular built-in response we all tell each other, I told her how last year was awful and 2018 isn't looking any better. Without hesitation, she offered to help us. It wasn't just that she offered to help that made me attack hug her. (Sorry Cassie) It was because she listened to me AND CARED. Coming over to talk to me was one of the BEST feelings/experiences I have had in a long time. As a tennis instructor when you are on the court people ask questions, get excited, learn, and usually have fun. I haven't been on the court much at all. I can't help with drills, and after stringing just three racquets my shoulder is hurting. This is why it really meant a lot to me that Cassie was willing to help. I'm around but I'm not on the court and I know that creates a rift between player and coach. I miss tennis. I miss my tennis family. Cassie reminded me it's okay to ask for help. So, if you are able and can afford to help us in any way possible, it would mean the world to us. All donation amounts can remain anonymous and you can choose to also keep your name anonymous.

So if you want to help with a penny, bless you, it is a penny more than we have. If you want to just offer a prayer, advice, or just send me pictures of Cats with the words "BELIEVE" on them, that’s great too.

Matthew Hoover
Tennis Enforcer

 PS. Warning: Attack hugs could occur at any moment and may result in loss of balance, loss of appetite, or a warm fuzzy feeling.

Just some pics of my family:

Lauren Hoover and Matthew Hoover
Est. 3-11-13

Lauren on our wedding day.

Rouge, or Rougey. We call her Rougey when we want her to come lay with us. She spends 90% of her day looking just like this.

This is Storm, she is either sleeping, yawning, or rolling over for us...... to pet her belly. She actually only responds to Stormy now. I don't know how both of their names changed to end with a y.

** I would prefer not to discuss the campaign while I am at work, my focus is on making the players I see enhance their tennis and continue to have a GREAT time before, during, and after. I will be happy to talk to anyone about this over the phone or through text.**



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