Ashley's Lyme Disease Treatment

Hello there my name is Julio Torres. I am writing this to help my honey, Ashley Callicutt. We live in Brunswick, Ga, which is on the Georgia coast between Savannah and Jacksonville, Fl.  We are regular people that work hard everyday, sometimes two jobs.
   Ashley has been dealing with bad migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, back and joint pain, and lots of other medical issues.  After many different doctor visits she finally got diagnosed with Lyme Disease. 
   Apparently the doctor believes she caught this terrible disease many years ago when she was a child. Ashley use to ride horses as a child and grew up on a small farm. It was a daily ritual for her mom to pull off tiny little seed ticks which looking back amounted to hundreds of bites. One or more bites may have been from a lyme tick. 
   Over the course of her high school and college years, she dealt with different illnesses for example migraine headaches,  chronic fatigue, back pain, and other issues. The doctors just said it was common pains from growing up, studying too hard, working  and partying.  After a few  weeks she would feel better again. Little did she know the lyme disease was running rampant through her body. 
   She graduated from college with her PHD and followed her dream to be a psychologist.  Over the years she had episodes of chronic fatigue and joint pain but she was able to spring back and endure anything that came her way.  She even ran a couple of marathons. 
    We use to run, cycle, and workout together but she got hit with a really bad episode of chronic fatigue and did not spring back. It got really bad to the point that all she wanted to do was sleep. She lost her drive to do any exercise. Her body could not fight this disease anymore.  She struggled daily at work to keep awake and do her job. No one understood what was going on, she looked fine on the outside but was a mess inside. 
   So about two years ago she got her diagnosis from a specialist in Washington DC. He is awesome. She began taking lots of antibiotics, herbs and supplements to fight back. The doctor was very helpful but she is still not 100%.  She has been taking cycling different antibiotics over the last year and a half, which messes with your good bacteria in your body and makes you feel like crap. She feels better but she is still having problems. She even saw a doctor here locally that gave here different types of IV therapy which helped but a cost of $1200 a month.  She paid cash for these treatments but had to
stop because she was burning up her savings really fast with no help from insurance.
   She began researching stem cell therapy.  It is an experimental treatment that has helped many people but it is very expensive.  She found four or five all over the world. They are very expensive to say the least.  So we picked the cheapest one in Mexico. Its called Stemaid. It includes a 18 day intense treatment. It cost $16k. Plus the hotel at $3500 and air fare for $2300.
   She is  scheduled to leave on July 31, 2017 to begin her treatment.
     This is like the hail mary throw to the end zone, we can only hope and pray it works.
   Any donations are appreciated big or small.  We accept prayers too...lots of prayers..
   The amount of donations is based on the previous IV treatments, the stem cell treatment, hotel, and airfare.
    Thank you for making a donation. We love you all!!!!!

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Julio C. Torres 
Brunswick, GA