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As most of you know, in September of 2015, Ashley Flippin was diagnosed with stage 4 high-grade carcinoma of the lung, after finding multiple tumors in her brain, both lungs, liver, spine, and pelvis.  Based on what they saw, doctors gave her less than a year to live and any options they gave her medically were only attempting to prolong her life.  

It has now been over a year and Ashley has been on a remarkable journey of faith and healing. Not only is she still very much alive, but every tumor found last year when she was diagnosed is now gone or believed by doctors to be just scar tissue.  Praise God!

In May of 2016, a new spot showed up in her brain. Despite this new finding, Ashley and her husband, Thomas, moved forward with plans to spend their summer overseas serving and working with refugees. After returning in August and seeing that the spot had continued to grow, doctors believed Ashley's best option was to do localized radiation on the spot. Radiation was an option which they had not taken up to this point.  However, after seeking Jesus, the Flippins felt peaceful moving forward with this option and, on September 19, Ashley underwent the localized radiation treatment.

Since that time, Ashley has begun to experience more debilitating symptoms such as vision loss, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, and seizures. After being encouraged by her doctor to go to the emergency room, a head scan showed that she had some new areas of concern in her brain. Over a week of being in and out of the hospital and running multiple scans and blood tests, they have found several new spots in different locations throughout her brain as well as some cancer cells in her spinal fluid.  Due to the location of these tumors, the symptoms she is experiencing have left Ashley completely sidelined. She is currently bedridden as they await direction for next steps.

This (again) is her medical report, but Thomas and Ashley remain more confident than ever that there is a bigger story that God was (and still is) writing in the midst of all this.  He continues to strengthen Ashley and to remind her of His promises.  They are beyond blessed, strengthened, and encouraged by all the love, prayers, and support they have already received.

Obviously, the only thing they have continually asked for along this journey is prayer. But with the potential of new medical bills starting to roll in and Thomas being unable to work as he is taking care of Ashley and Adalyn, we are again asking that you pray and give if you feel lead.

Thank you all in advance for your generosity.  


To read more about Ashley’s story, visit

To follow updates and prayer requests for Ashley, subscribe to her Caring Bridge or follow her Flippin Miracle page on FaceBook.

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Cody Garza
Friendswood, TX
Ashley Flippin

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