Arcadia (Short Film to be shot in Iceland)

Shooting Dates: June 2nd - 6th

Arcadia is defined as a region or scene of simple pleasure and quiet, and a poetic shaped space associated with bountiful natural splendor and harmony. The goal of the characters is to find Arcadia, a free city, after they escaped from a collapsed area. 

Our film is about the anxiety of living in 2019--where will our climate be in seventy years? Where will our economic system be in seventy years? Iceland’s total glacier-covered area has shrunk by roughly 2000 square kilometers since the end of the 19th Century. They now lose about 40 square kilometers annually, which is quite a remarkable area to become deglaciated each year. This will lead to the land rising above sea levels, worsening the harbor. The reduction of ice will also lead to a noticeable increase in volcanic eruptions. At one point in the film it rains--the characters have to take cover because they cannot be exposed to it. Perhaps this is a good time to bring up how even the enjoyment of weather might cease to exist if we don't bring more attention to real climate change.

We want this film to show that there is always hope and that we can never give up in our fight for survival. We will show that humans always fight through whatever problems they encounter, and highlight the resiliency of the human spirit to keep going. The characters wash up alone on a desolate gravel beach with water in their lungs, no food or water, and only a hand-drawn map to go off of. We will watch as they push past these very real problems in a desperate attempt to find the city of Arcadia. Some of the most stunning images seen in this short will be as captured as the characters begin to deteriorate- muscles giving out from exhaustion, chapped lips, teary-eyed, sick, and doubtful. We want to capitalize on the character’s journey here, and really leave the audience wondering if they will succeed or die along the way.  

Donations of this film will go towards:

-Renting Cinema Equipment

-Buying makeup and props

-Distribution to film festivals

-Paying for an original film score

-Various travel expenses 

Our Project Synopsis:

Arcadia follows Noah and Naomi on a quest for survival across Iceland to find civilization and freedom. After waking up on gravel beaches, with zero resources and little knowledge of the geography of the island, our characters are put to the test to find a utopian city that they’ve only ever heard stories about. The tension of the story will be constantly building as the characters begin to question the legitimacy of their map, or if there is anyone actually on this island with them. It will also be a constant fight to find useable resources and shelter. The audience will be thrilled by the relentlessness for our two humans- and we will show how no matter how bad things get, people always find a way to fight it, with an unequivocal raw will.

This film is just the first project that deals with these two characters and takes place in a creative Universe. The way the film ends will make people want to see the next “episode”, which will either be another full film or another short episode. When this short is finished, we will also be using it to pitch to Producers to make into either a full feature or into multiple shorts/features.

Visual Storyline, on location, in Iceland:

There is a scene of the two characters taking shelter inside a downed plane. When one of them smells the rain coming, they must find cover on this empty gravel land before it starts. Luckily, they find this plane and hide away within as acid rain comes pouring down around them. This scene will emphasize the simple nostalgia for the weather, and add to the mood of this abandoned world.

The characters search for landmarks to find their way, one of which is a lonely mountain. By the time they find it they are already broken down and dehydrated. They constantly fight against their body’s urge to quit as this mountain never seems to get any closer. At one point, the characters both collapse, leaving the audience to wonder if they will actually make it to their destination or not.

The characters are all alone throughout this whole entire film. They are constantly left wondering where everyone is, considering how vast the landscape is.


Any $ Amount - A link to the film

$10 - A thank you post on Instagram for your personal account or business for backing our film!

$20 - You get a special thanks in the credits

$50 - You get a digital poster of the film (E-mail)

$100 - You get a copy of the script and some behind the scenes photos (E-mail)

$175 - You get a laminated and framed movie poster

$250 - You earn executive producer credits

$350 - You get a creative spot in the next film in the Arcadia universe

$500 - You get a Skype call with the Director, and a T-shirt with the movie poster on it

$1000 - I’ll write you a short film based on your idea


We are all based from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Jake Beyer, Director

Before I could write legibly, I had my Mom write down comic books that I would come up with, for me. I have been creating characters in their own world at a very young age. After I graduated from Technical High school having made school history and winning a film festival that had never been done, I went to University to continue studying Film. I now am on the brink of bringing my dreams to fruition, by being able to direct this short film.

Phillip Arentz, Executive Producer

Phil Arentz is a Senior BFA Directing Candidate at Temple University who is beyond excited to dive into this project. He has been an avid film watcher and maker for the last four years, directing many short films, including L'Instant which is currently getting ready to tour in festivals. Phil had the opportunity to work a few PA jobs on big name shoots in Los Angeles- he appeared in one of these films as well. He has held a development internship at Red Hour Films (Dodgeball, Zoolander) as well as a Video-Marketing Internship at Harrisburg International Airport. 

Jake Boos, Executive Producer

Jake Boos is currently finishing up his Junior Year in Temple’s directing concentration, as well as beginning his recent short film “Loose Ends” festival run. He’s an award-winning screenwriter and is excited to be a part of this ambitious project. “Since I was a kid, movies have been an integral part of my life, shaping the way I think and view life.”

The Cast:

Maarten Romer, Noah. Maarten recently scored a role in the upcoming film Bloodshot (Vin Diesel, Eiza González). Check out his reel on his IMDB,

Tina Ursta, Naomi. Tina is a social media star and model, from Philadelphia. Her Instagram account has earned more than 60,000 followers. Her handle is: @tinaursta

Thanks for all of your donations!


Jake Beyer
Warminster Township, PA

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