The Apptivist App

What even is The Apptivist App?

The Apptivist App is a cause-based social media platform and resource tool for individuals, organizations, and ethically-minded businesses all over the world.

No confusing algorithms. No search engine optimization (SEO) tricks. No distractions. Just a fair, optimum platform for activism… or #apptivism.

Why create a platform like this?

1 - Unfair Algorithms & SEO

With the current social media platforms and search engines, algorithms and the SEO are growing increasingly difficult to figure out. This presents massive issues to users across the board and hinders growth and exposure for those, and the posts, who actually need it most. While it works in favor for monetization, it's a destructive system to human connectivity.

The Apptivist will have no hoops to jump through. Post will show up in real time, and when you search for something, that is what you will find - not what someone has paid us for you to find. :)

2 - Mental Health

It is a well-known fact that social media (and technology in general) is a large contributor to mental health issues, especially in teens. So, should we A) accept this cycle as it is and just try to manage it?, B) get rid of technology all together and go off the grid, or C) disrupt the system and create a platform that empowers its users instead of oppressing them?

We're hoping you think "C," because this is what we're going to do. We're going to be a platform that encourages connection over following. Conversations over comments. Real action and partnership over double-tapping. We're going to create a platform that's for you, but not really about you.

3 - Distractions

We're probably all guilty of going down the social media black hole. You go on looking for one thing and before you know it, you've wasted 5 hours. We get it. It happens. However, when there's important information mixed in - information that could potentially change your life or be a catalyst for world-change, we believe it deserves its fair chance to be seen and heard.

With this platform, the only way you'll be distracted is by other causes. You might swerve in a different lane, but it'll be the same vein.

4 - Misleading Conversations

Words like "volunteer," "humanitarian," and "activism" have become synonymous with being a "do-gooder." I mean, they "help those poor people!" "They're "hippies!" "They go to Africa and save people!" You probably have an image in mind or recall something someone has said because these are, unfortunately, still actual conversations around activism.

Did you know that you don't have to sell all of your things and move to a third world country to make a difference? Did you know that the coffee you buy can contribute to world-wide change? If you want to do the former, that's incredible, but you don't have to in order to make an impact. The Apptivist hopes to re-frame these conversations and connect people from every lane of life to opportunities for action, and no, not just solely opportunities to actively give.

This goes beyond just a volunteer app. While those are amazing, The Apptivist is not just about volunteering in the context it's so often referred to. The Apptivist is about a way of life. It's about the "little bits of good" put together because, as Desmond Tutu says, that is what overwhelms the world.
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