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Hi , I'm very embarrassed for asking people for help, but I don't know what else to do!!

My story is this , I came from Mexico when I was 14 , didn't have papers for 11 years , I'm married now and I'm blessed with residence , all I've ever been doing ever since I got my papers is work, I'm married and I'm the main provider in my household, I currently was working 3 jobs one of them was part time uber and lyft, I started not too long ago because my wife is pregnant and I wanted to start bringing more income to save for the baby as I know having one is an expensive journey here in the states , all the medical and school for the future of my child became my top priority as any good person trying to become the best parent he or she can be.

Sadly I was involved in a car accident while picking someone up on lyft, I was driving in Los Angeles on Washington and Rimpau , rush hour traffic around 8:30 am, traffic was fully stopped, both sides of the street were full with cars , this is a 3 lane passage , knowing that I proceeded to make my left going on rimpau street , I yielded to traffic until light was yellow , all traffic had stopped and so I began making my left about 15-20 mph , out of nowhere a lady driving 50-55 mph driving on the right lane to make the light Hits me on my passanger side. She didn't stop I was going slow to make sure I yielded , she didn't seem to care at all if I was hurt or not , I couldn't take an ambulance because I don't have medical insurance ,I sadly can't afford it, i have resulting I juries from the accident and I have to go to a doctor for my neck and shoulder for physical therapy now, I've never had medical or physical problems before in my life.

My car was my main source of income, as I work crew jobs , independent contracting jobs, extra or background on the film industry as well , also sales which means driving to people's houses to show product , and uber and lyft which was bringing my family good savings amount for the baby on the way.

I have used up all my savings to pay for the bills this month, sadly without a car I can't make it to work and also I'm limited to how much I can do now that I have I injuries that make it hard for some tasks to be accomplished at the moment.

I've never asked anyone for anything in my life, all my family lives back and Mexico and can't help me with financial problems as they got their own. 

I would ask for a loan , which I've tried already but it's impossible as I'm barely building my credit because I wasn't born here to get a head start with my economy.

My wife is pregnant and I have to provide for both in many ways .

I spoke to my insurance and with my lawyers and there's a big possibility that they won't be able to help me fix my car as they're saying that she might have had the right of way , even tho I waited for the light.

I'm baffled as I don't know yet what the outcome will be, I literally have no money left , but my car was still functional , if the case closes and they won't be able to help me I will be left with the bills for my repairs, which I have no money for and I'm Oder to pay my rent which is comming up I need to produce something

I've been able to work 2 jobs this week which was not only hard to do because of my condition but because availability and area distance and without a car it was hard to make but I managed and earned some money ,

I beg that whoever is willing to help to please do I will be in debt to you and I don't plan to keep the money or anything I just need to put it towards a car 

If there's any way you find it in your heart to help I would gladly thank you by paying you back , I don't want to ask for help because I like earning a living I believe it's the honest way and it's something I've always known to be a good man

Any money raised will be used just to pay for the car so that I can make money in order to pay for my rent and my bills , as soon as I make the money back I will pay back everything to those who were able to help me ... I'm not sure how but I know it's possible if you need my email I will provide it so that when I have the money I can pay you back through pay pall or money order , or whatever it may be ...

I haven't been able to sleep been crying lately which I've almost never do but I'm so frustrated and have no other options that I'm not sure what else more can I do but I am surely trying it all at the moment.

One more I thank you for whatever help you may be able to provide me as I'm dealing with this huge problem, once more I really would love to be in contact with the people that help me to raise money so that I can pay you back I really mean that !!! Thank you once more and hope your life journey is not going through turbulence as I'm currently going through it :(... have a blessed day

i know have been advices by the insurance that it's a total loss of my vehicle !!! :(... 

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Eddy Yanez
Los Angeles, CA

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