Animals Illegally Seized

To whom it may concern, all that are reading about our story of stolen horses on netposse. I need your help! I really hate having to ask for help, but if we don't Unite WHEN WILL IT STOP? We must Unite before this happens to anyone else.

When I say STOP, I mean the stealing of animals. They hide in plane sight thinking they can get away with it. Here's my story of the events that happened to my family.

One of the worst things has happened as an equine owner. I’m not talking death, an injury, or even colic in this matter. I’m talking about a false pretense raid resulting in the seizure of animals. I am speaking to you as one of the horse owners of the stolen horses and other animals on Saturday, September 2nd 2023

We live in Louisiana and are currently at risk for immediate evacuation due to fires and have taken action by moving personal property to other locations to make evacuation of the animals if needed quicker and easier.
Here are the facts about the traumatic event that happened to us on Saturday, September 2nd 2023.

We lease property to house our animals, When we arrived to feed and water the animals they were all gone. We had to search for our missing animals everywhere. We had no idea why our animals were not on sight.
While searching for them we found a warrant to seize property without listing what property, where they were looking for said property nor what they were looking for listed on the warrant, making this an illegal warrant, that was found on the ground under the carport 6 ft from the door.

Yes this is really happening, believe it or not this is happening to more people then you would believe. On Saturday the 2nd Healthy animals, 7 Horses, 1 cow, 3 goats, and 6 chickens were seized by Toney Wade with Cajun Coast Cruelty Investigator Task Force claiming to work for the state of Louisiana by the order of the Mayor Donna Deval via illegal search warrant signed by Chief Keel & Toney Wade. 

On The 14th Day of September the Mississippi Agricultural & Livestock Theft Bureau Leon Wedgeworth & Louisiana Department of Agricultural & Forestry JD Felt called us and let us know the animals had been found at the suspected address and said they would release the animals found, in their state and are welcome to come pick them up.

We picked those animals that were still alive and now in deplorable condition from Jackson Colosseum in Mississippi at 10am on 15th day of September. 1 goat and the 6 chickens did not survive for reasons we have not been made aware of. We suspect the animals were not fed or watered and they definitely showed many lacerations and signs of abuse when being vet checked within 45 minutes of us recovering them by a vet with Warren Animal Hospital and again by their primary vet in Louisiana. 

We are asking for your help to hold these folks who violated our constitutional rights, caused loss of life and used the overreach of their power with their elected office positions accountable..

 Please help if you can, every 5 bucks helps


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