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Please note that Gofundme takes 2.9% plus .50cents so if you would like to donate but want to send a check or Target gift-card (for groceries), please mail to: Angela & Patrick Foley,700 Palmetto Ave, Site #98, Pacifica, CA, 94044. We will be at this address until mid June. The amount being asked for is for bills from being out of work. We will have about $10,000 in medical bills from this we plan to make payment plans on once they all come in.

Hello everyone-I hope you are all doing wonderful. Pat and  I are really embarrassed to be doing this but we are raising money to help with the costs of me being out of work for a total of 6.5 weeks off and on since January. I have been very vague on social media in regards to what has been happening due to the nature of my problem but I feel it is time for people to know my story and what we have been going through as a family. Pat stays home and cares for the kids and also works part-time at Home-depot 3 nights a week. I have a disability policy but I need to be out 30 days before they pay 40% of my income. I was out a week and a half then returned, then 24 days and then returned, and now 13 days…. We do not qualify for other assistance.

My medical situation: I have been experiencing significant blood loss since January. Female type bleeding. On February 5th, I passed out at work and my amazing coworkers ran me to the ER where I was evaluated for the significant blood loss I had experienced. I had experienced heavy bleeding for ten days prior until that point. At the ER, they were not very helpful and basically told me to follow up with an OBGYN (the main reason why I didn't go to them when I was feeling faint in the first place-I knew they would tell me this). I was discharged from the ER and went right to the OBGYN office and tests were ordered. I had an ultrasound and CT which really didn't show anything that would cause significant bleeding. I had significant pain associated with this bleeding as well.  

A couple days after passing out, I was back at the OBGYN office and had a procedure to see why I was in pain. She did not find anything but the pain became so much worse and after whatever she did, I passed out two more times. I came to from passing out and both times couldn't breathe or speak when I came to. The only reason I breathed was because the medical assistant kept putting ammonia under my nose. It was so scary! I really did feel like I would die. It took me a while to come fully to after passing out each time. The Dr began to think we were dealing with cancer since she couldn't find a physical cause and consulted an oncologist regarding my case. After a few days of testing, it was determined that is NOT what I was dealing with (thank god). The first OBGYN recommended I have surgery with anther OBGYN so that there could be a second set of eyes to see what is going on since she was stumped as to the cause of my bleeding.

When I went to the second OBGYN about a week later (in severe pain and labor like contraction pain and laying down with completely no energy with Pat basically carrying me to the toilet for a week and a half at that point) the male provider was very condescending in nature and told me I was having pelvic floor pains out of nowhere and needed physical therapy for my pelvic floor and I was constipated. I told him it doesn’t feel like a GI problem and it feels like a woman type problem but he said I was confused and many times GI problems present like this. He told me it was "normal to sit on towels everyday and just because I don't like it doesn't mean it's a medical problem and it's just a hygiene problem". He recommended I see a GI specialist and pelvic floor therapist. I had asked him to do hormone testing since it felt like my hormones where out of whack but he told me they don't do that. I know for a fact in my line of work that woman can have hormones checked to be able to have children so I was very thrown off by this Dr's demeanor and manner to which he acted towards me. I had brought a coworker since Pat had to stay home with the kids since they had the flu -and she agreed the Dr acted like a complete jerk!  

I went the next day to the GI specialist as they fit me in right away when they heard how distraught I was. I was beginning to think I was crazy and wanted to make sure it wasn’t maybe a gi problem presenting like this. When I was evaluated, the Dr told me she believed my problem was OB related and didn’t know why the Dr sent me to her. I cried on the way home from that visit and it was the first time I had cried for my issue. I NEVER cry and I let loose-bawling-SOBBING. I couldn't take the run around I was getting and knew something was wrong. At that point, it was a week and a half of me laying down completely with no energy. Bleeding, bleeding, beeding. Since I've been born, I have always had so much energy and always been on the go so I just knew something was wrong. I don’t think any of my friends or family has ever seen me relax. I’m very intuitive and just knew something was wrong.

I ended up calling a GYN that was recommended to me by one of Sean's classmates Moms that specializes only in irregular uterine bleeding. They were unable to fit me in that day since it was almost 4pm at that point, but were able to fit me in the next day (friday Feb 16) and told me to come first thing in the morning at 9am. When I arrived, they had all my records printed out for the 3rd GYN  to review my situation. She walked in with this file and was so compassionate. She did an ultrasound in her office and told me I needed immediate surgery since my uterus was full of blood and it was evident that I had polyps in my upper uterine segment. She told me I was a true trooper for dealing with this at least two weeks and she was really surprised. A couple hours later, I had a D&C and hysteroscopy (a microscope that goes into the uterus to see whats going on). When I awoke from surgery, my contraction type pain was gone (thank GOD!)  though I was still lightly bleeding. A week went by and I was told I had to return to work or I would lose my job. SO I returned. It was just a bit sore in my uterus to work really-so for example, If I laughed I would have to hold myself down there in my lower abdomen tight so it didn't hurt too bad. I still continued to bleed and be in pain occasionally with a knife like stabbing type pain occasionally.

After a month or so of me continuing to bleed, the GYN gave me the option to have a uterine ablation (where the inside lining of the uterus is burned so you hopefully don't bleed anymore-or lightly anyways) and also said she would like to do laparoscopic surgery to look for possible endometriosis to find a reason for my intermittent stabbing pain. I agreed and had my procedures on Monday 3/26/18. During the laparoscopic procedure, she did not find endometriosis, though she found my abdomen full of fluid and she was very surprised by that-especially the amount of fluid in there. She took a sample of the fluid and sent to cytology. It's possible I had another cyst that had ruptured though. She also found my inside abdomen to be very red and inflamed as well as she found multiple adhesion's and a decent sized para tubal cyst. I had adhesion's very tight on my right ovary connected to my abdomen that the Dr thinks the ovary could have occasionally been pulled every so slight to cause my severe pain or really any of the things she found could have been causing my pain. I also had adhesion's on my sigmoid colon and pulling up to my abdomen.  She also found two hernias (did not fix those though-I have to see a surgeon in the future if my pain persists). She removed a bunch of things and since my surgery, I have not felt the same pains I have been having since before the surgery. I’m just so sore since the surgery! One thing that is very sad about my last procedure is that I can no longer have any more children but I am very hopeful that my bleeding will at least stop. The problems in my abdomen do not seem to go hand in hand with my bleeding but the cysts could be from the crazy hormone surges I have been experiencing.

What an ordeal! It has been determined that the probable cause of my severe bleeding and hormonal imbalance is from an epidural injection I had gotten in January for back pain I had been experiencing from a work injury I had gotten while in Denver. Workers comp covered my epidural injection in my back and they are currently looking into my case but the GYN told me to not get my hopes up they will pay since there's no real way to prove it. I have about $10,000 or so in medical bills so far with this situation after my deductible and coinsurance (all the bills haven't come in yet so not quite sure). Also about 6.5 weeks out of work. It has been such a crazy couple of months and we have went through all of our savings. We never thought we could go through it so fast as it was a decent amount!

We were renting our home in PA out and our tenant had stopped paying in February and that will be and has been absorbing a-lot of our money as well. When the tenant finally left a couple weeks ago, she had trashed the home and we have been paying for someone to clean the home so we can TRY and sell it. It took 14 black garbage bags full of garbage to be able to see the fully ruined carpet. We even had to pay someone to get in the house and change the locks since the tenant refused to give the keys back (she locked all the keys in the home when she left...). This tenant loved like a pig and I feel sad she has two kids that lived in the filth… We will be speaking with a lawyer this week to possibly have him send an itemized bill to the tenant BUT it may not monetarily be worth it to pay a lawyer since we probably will never see a dime of the money owed by our old tenant sadly. We will put all we need (new carpet, cleaning people, etc) on a credit card to hopefully sell the house but then the market is terrible where our home in PA is so we may not even break even. Such a terrible situation to be in since I do not want to rent again-ever again. We started my illness with a decent savings but paying on this mortgage and paying to now fix everything our disgusting tenant did is really upsetting since it’s basically used up all of our savings we could have been using for other stuff during this time. Like we don’t already have enough going on, we have to now deal with this.

Pat has been working at Home Depot extra hours but it has been hard for him to take more hours on and leave me with kids since for a week and a half of it, I was passing out and we had ammonia capsules hanging everywhere in our place. Wasn't very safe to leave the kids with me. I'm just so grateful I found that 3rd GYN and didn't pass out while driving with the kids! Praise God! Also, after my surgery/procedures, I really couldn't (can’t) lift or hold Nora so even if he wanted to work he really couldn't have. Around the first time I was having surgery, the kids had gotten the flu so it was also almost impossible to even get a sitter to help us since who wants to come with 3 sick kids with the flu and also a sitter costs way more than Pat makes at his job. What a conundrum! I never want us to be that sick again! He has taken on extra hours the last couple days to try and help with bills but it's just not going to be enough. 

Both Pat and I are so embarrassed to ask people for money. We have always been the ones to help others-even formed gofundme pages for them or their needs. We have so many different insurances you can think if but nothing applies to us at this time unfortunately to help us in our situation. We are so thankful we have our health and our home is filled with so much love. Please consider donating to us to help us through this rough period in our life we are having. We are currently living in Pacifica, California and have been here since October since we put the kids in school and want to let them finish the school year before we move elsewhere.

At this time, I am not interested in MLM company fixes (essential oils, plexus, or whatever things people have tried to sell to me or give samples to fix my bleeding…). I’m also not interested in hearing stories of a friends cousins sister experiencing some scary thing like me and ended up dying or something-I love the people that care enough to try and tell me stories like this but these things have not been helpful to me and scare me even more after such a scary and long journey being so ill. Thank-you to anyone who would have contacted me regarding these things, but as you can imagine, my time spent these days are spent seeing Drs and spending lots of time with family (and friends when possible!). Sean has been crying a-lot lately and very cuddly (more than normal anyways) because he is sad and scared for me. I am feeling better day by day though and have even recently been able to help a new breast-feeding Momma in our RV park. Warms my soul to help others and you all know know I have such a passion regarding this. It helped my psyche and made me feel helpful and not totally useless. We also walked to the beach on Easter (It's 3 minutes from our back door) and took some beautiful photos we could hang up in our RV. Thanks to Uncle Frank for the gift card to buy the outfits(I had forgotten the giftcard I had gotten for my birthday in November)! We love you all and follow us on facebook or here for updates. Pray this is all behind us and this past surgery and the hormones I am on will fix my problem.
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