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Please lend a hand to save life of Andrew Kishore!

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Dear Donors and Supporters:
I will explain here how this donation will be manage. Since, I Ahmad Hossain (Sunny) open this effort on on behalf of Andrew Kishore and Andrew Kishore in Singapore under treatment and different currency and different country. I will be withdrawing fund so he can use it now. But this effort will continue. Once I withdraw and receive fund from, I along with Monir Zaman will send to Andrew Kishore's account directly. As soon as we send the fund to his account we will post proof and documents here. This fund will be use for his cancer treatment. Thanks all again for your support on this great cause.


Ahmad Hossain (Sunny) (RADIO ADDA-Dallas, Texas)

Monir Zaman (Deshi Music, NY) 
To avoid any confusion about this “GoFundMe” fundraising here is the interview taken by Prothom Alo…

This GoFundMe effort organize by Sunny (RADIO ADDA-Dallas, Texas) and Monir Zaman (Deshi Music, NY) according to Family’s request.

Our utmost request please donate everyone according to your capability, whatever you can, every dollar adds up. For this legend singer of Bangladesh. We have over 16 thousand shares as of now for this GoFundMe link, but not enough donation yet. For now, we set goal $25,000.00 but as we get close to goal we will change goal, because we need whole lot more as you can see from Prothom Alo’s report here.

 We do appreciate each and every one. Also please keep praying for Dada and his family, please do not under estimate the power of praying.


Sunny (RADIO ADDA-Dallas, Texas)

Monir Zaman (Deshi Music, NY)


 “Andrew Kishore needs your help- Prothom Alo:

Masum Ali . Dhaka | Update: 17:21, Nov 25, 2019

n  Legendary playback singer Andrew Kishore has been diagnosed with cancer. His family has resorted to online fundraising to meet the huge treatment cost.

He has been undergoing treatment in Singapore for the last 77 days.

Talking with Prothom Alo in Whatsapp on Sunday, Andrew Kishore said he will have to stay in Singapore till February next year for treatment.

Asked about the online fundraiser, he said, “Yes they have done it. I can’t bear the huge treatment cost anymore. I’ll have to take treatment for a long time.”

He said more than Tk 20 million more is needed for the treatment and his wife Lipika Andrew has started the fundraising effort at ‘Go Fund Me’.

Diagnosed with aggressive diffuse large B cell lymphoma, Andrew Kishore started undergoing chemotherapy at Singapore General Hospital in September, said the fundraising request.

“I didn’t want that (fundraising). But I had no other alternative. Can’t bear the treatment cost anymore,” the eight times National Film Award winner singer told Prothom Alo. 

Lipika said they had hastily gone to Singapore without taking preparations for the costly and time-consuming treatment.

So far Andrew Kishore underwent 12 chemotherapies in 3 cycles. Next cycle of chemotherapy is due to start on Tuesday. The physicians said he will have to undergo 12 more chemotherapies, which will cost Tk 21 million.

Each chemo costs around Tk 900,000. His family has already spent more than Tk 10 million for his treatment.

On 8 September, prime minister Sheikh Hasina handed over a cheque of Tk 1 million. A private television channel also donated Tk 1 million for his treatment.”
This fundraising effort started  after receiving request from Mrs. Lipika Andrew, to help this legend singer. It is unfortunate but no choice when cost of medical expanses unbearable. 
Mr. Andrew Kishore  was diagnosed with aggressive diffuse large B cell lymphoma and has been started on chemotherapy in September 2019 at Singapore General Hospital.

Andrew Kishore is a Bangladeshi singer who is active in the music industry of the country since the 1980s. He has played back about 15,322 songs. Alongside Bangla film, he played back in Urdu and Hindi films. "Jiboner Golpo Achhe Baki Olpo", and "Dak Diyachhen Doyal Amare" are one of the most popular single tracks of him. He won National Film Award eight times for his outstanding contribution to the music industry.

We all Bangladeshi and music lovers needs to contribute in this great cause for music legend.

Your Donation will go directly to Singapore hospital and to Mrs. Lipika Andrew. Please donate ASAP and as much as you can and keep share this url.

- Lipika Andrew


Sunny Sunny
Allen, TX

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