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I'm a 33 years old female and I am in need of a double lung transplant as well as an operation to close the hole in my heart. I am currently working with UCLA to hopefully get a transplant. Background: I was born 3 months premature with underdeveloped lungs. And At birth I required and required open heart surgery to repair the hole in my heart when I was born. UCLA recently discovered the hole in my heart came back. I was subsequently a sick child but quickly grew out of it into living a normal life with what doctors said was just asthma. That all changed when I became pregnant with our only son 3 yrs ago. The pregnancy made my lung disease so advanced I became disabled in a wheelchair on oxygen and have been fighting to breathe for the last few years with COUNTLESS hospital stays. After fighting for my life to carry our son he passed away two weeks before he was due because of a chord wrap. A very special video of our journey with our son is available in the like that follows: (may have to copy link and paste in Google to watch) I worked hard to succeed in life and become a nurse because I love to help others. Since my health change with the pregnancy I've fought tooth and nail to continue working as an RN case manager in a sitting position working in an ER. Since my most recent hospital stay from Dec to Jan my disease advanced so much that working unfortunately became too difficult. My life is very limited by my disability and I am barely able to leave the house. I have difficulty doing many activities of daily living such as cleaning and dressing and bathing. I wear oxygen all the time and I cannot travel anywhere with even the smallest amount of elevation or I get very short of breath and my heart goes crazy. I pray and dream about one day being able to breathe again and not living in fear everyday. Our main focus is now UCLA. After the transplant surgery we have to relocate closer to UCLA during the recovery process to be closer to the doctors and transplant team. My husband will be taking time off of work to take care of me alongside my aunt after the transplant. We started this GoFundMe to try and raise funds for things like travel expenses, relocation, Groceries, heslth insurance and trying to stay afloat with our our financial situation. But the most important thing is that we keep my health insurance while I'm on disability as we are so far into the transplant process and all has been approved by my insurance. I will eventually have to pay COBRA which is very expensive $1000/month. I won't qualify for SSDI or Medicare until after a year of not working and being disabled. Anything helps for food, bills, medical expenses, insurance, travel expenses or just a simple but greatly appreciated prayer. Thank you so much for anything anyone can give or any resources you can recommend. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Please please share this campaign. Thank you so much. Lung Transplant Go Fund Me/Pay it Forward. My heart is pulling at me to try something different than accept money soley for my Lung Fund. I would like to take an amount from each donation given to me and share a part of it with a campaign of a sick child/family in need. I hope through my struggles and your donations we can help lift other's burdens even if it is just a small donation and some warm encouraging words from myself. It would make my heart happy to share. So instead of this being all about my Lung Transplant fund I want to be a portal of love and kindness for others because no matter how sick or scared I get I can still give love just as others have given and are giving to me. Please Share and help me pay it forward and help take the financial burden from and another. Thank you so much for anything you can do. We greatly appreciate your kindness and generosity.
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