Teach Asylum-Seeking Children With No Classroom

Please Visit Us @ readingonthpitch.org  - Reading on the Pitch is excited to announce that after two years of paperwork, we have received 501(c)(3) Status. This means that all donations are now tax exempt (please reach out for our EIN number at [email redacted]). With this status, we are now able to apply for grants.  There is a great need for the work we are doing, and the money is out there, but this process takes time. One of our greatest needs of financial support at the moment is funding to hire a grant writer in order to continue this important  work. We also need your support in hiring and training individuals in the US to implement the program with Asylum-Seeking children on the border (please see far bottom for "What do we pledge this current funding will be used for?") 

Please visit us @ (https://www.gofundme.com/f/readingonthepitch) to find out how Reading on the Pitch began and to learn more about how the program works. In our first campaign, we pledged to our funders to "aim to improve the way we educate and ensure that those who are not receiving their right to education, receive it."  We would like to share with you now how we have not only accomplished this goal, but how we have surpassed it, and where your continuous financial support will take us. 

My name is Amani Hanafi. I am the Founder and Executive Director of Reading on the Pitch. Two years ago, Reading on the Pitch began actively implementing the innovative idea of connecting the universal language of football (soccer) to both conversation and reading in Athens, Greece. We began our work in a squat housing 250 Asylum-Seekers. In this squat alone, we were able to reach 100 children that were without a classroom, and provide them with both conversation and reading skills in English, as well as improve both their mental and physical health through play.  In the past two years, we have expanded into new countries and languages, teaching children the language of the country they migrated to. We have trained 70 teachers who will be reaching 1500 children in the Summer of 2019 alone. With this model of sustainability, we will continue to improve the mental and physical health of thousands of children, and provide them with the education that is their right. 


·  Airfare to Greece to implement the Reading on the Pitch program and continue to develop curriculum.

·  Living expenses in Greece (6 months) while I implement, develop, and train locals on the ground to continue implementing the program.

·  Equipment (balls, cones, jerseys) 

·  Website Creation for Reading on the Pitch where progress/events on the ground will be communicated.

·  File for NGO/501(c)(3) status here in the United States in order to continue funding this program in the future. (Currently Incorporated in California and Board of Directors has been formed)

DID WE ACCOMPLISH OUR GOAL? We sure did, and more!

Airfare and 6 months in Greece
-developed and implemented the Reading on the Pitch Program
-reached 300 children in squats and refugee camps

· 3 months in Turkey
-completed a written ROTP English Curriculum
-conducted our first teacher training program 

· 9 months in Egypt
-translated the English ROTP Program into Standard Arabic
-implemented the ROTP program with 500 children (living in the streets, in orphanages, in villages with no access to schools, and in schools in underserved areas)
-developed the model for a sustainable teacher training program
-trained 70 teachers who are currently reaching 1500 children - Summer of 2019

·  Purchased over 300 balls, 300 cones, and all materials such as tape, for implementation.

·  Reading on the Pitch's website is active and updated regularly (readingonthepitch.org ). Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all active.

·  Reading on the Pitch is a registered non-profit in the State of California, classified as a public charity, exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3).


·  Implement Reading on the Pitch in the US and abroad  (Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, etc).

·  Create programs for Youth and Adults.

·  Translate the program into other languages, with an emphasis on the languages of countries that refugees are moving into (ex. Teaching German to those moving into Germany).

·  Create a one time downloadable app/memory sticks for easy distribution to underserved populations worldwide (I am currently in contact with an organization creating an offline education device that can be used anywhere, anytime, without requiring access to infrastructure. My goal is to upload this curriculum on this device so it can be distributed worldwide).

·  Adapt reading program to various sports (“reading on the mound” for baseball, etc…)

·  Develop Math Curriculum for various sports ("math on the pitch", "math on the mound")


·  We have implemented in the US, Greece, and Egypt.

·  We have created a Level 1 English and Level 1 Standard Arabic Curriculum and have begun Level 2.

·  We are 90% complete in the German and Turkish Programs, and 50% complete in the Greek Program.

·  We have developed two video animation videos in preparation for the ROTP App, in contact with University of Berkeley to design an ROTP App, in contact with Google.org for funding for App production.

·  We have tested the Reading on the Pitch Program in both basketball and baseball and had excellent results. With funding, will create a Reading on the Pitch Team that will create curriculums for various sports.

·  Began basic development of the Math Curriculum "Math on the Pitch" and will pursue further as we receive funding to build the Reading on the Pitch Team.


· We will continue to develop the current ROTP curriculum with an emphasis on “Respect on the Pitch” and create a section on Mental Health focusing on Emotional Regulation.   

·  We will complete the Greek, German, and Turkish curriculums and take them to their respective countries where we will partner with NGOs, train teachers and volunteers, and create a model of sustainability.

·  We will partner with NGOs working with asylum seekers in the US, and train volunteers and teachers in the ROTP curriculum.

·  We will train ROTP trainers to train teachers and volunteers in each respective country to continue a model of sustainability. 

· We will continue to purchase all materials for each population of children we work with.

·  We will continue to translate the program into multiple languages.

·  We will hire an accountant for book-keeping and grant writer to collect funding.

·  We will continue the development of ROTP video animation videos to be used in the ROTP App, team-up with University of Berkeley in designing the ROTP App, and work towards funding for creation of the App, with an aim to make ROTP available for use worldwide.

·  We will continue the development of ROTP Level 2, continue testing in various sports, and continue development of the Math Curriculum "Math on the Pitch." 

· We will begin development in the Adult ROTP Program.

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    • $200 
    • 32 mos
  • Rosalind Okun 
    • $50 
    • 32 mos
  • Anna Lynch 
    • $100 
    • 32 mos
  • Jamie Freedman 
    • $25 
    • 32 mos
  • Jason Beers 
    • $75 
    • 32 mos
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