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All Hands Active  (AHA) is Ann Arbor's oldest makerspace. Formed in 2009 by a handful of makers, AHA has slowly grown to 50+ members. We're a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that offers weekly classes and public free access to tools such as a laser cutter, CNC router, soldering irons, sewing machines, vinyl cutter, and 3D printers. The brightest minds in Ann Arbor come to our space to learn, explore, hack, and make. We invite entrepreneurs to use our co-working space as a place to get started. Over the past 7 years, we've slowly grown our space by continuing to add new tools, classes, and equipment. While we're excited to provide our members and the community with more variety, it's become increasingly aware that our space is running out of room. To allow for more growth and provide makers with more project space, we've decided to relocate.

We're excited to announce that we've secured a new location 2 blocks from our current space on Liberty street! With 300 more square feet, multiple divided work areas, better power availability, handicap access, and natural light, we can easily say that this relocation will provide our makers with a more comfortable space to work.

Our goal is to give the new location is a more professional look with a fully outfitted classroom that will allow us to offer programs throughout the week. We are humbly asking for the help of our members and the community to raise additional funds to make our new location as awesome as it can be.

Thank you for taking the time to consider making a donation to our cause.

Photos of the new space under construction can be seen here:

What we've accomplished so far:
Here's what we've accomplished last year with the help of our members:

Acquired new large laser cutter for public use
Acquired new large vinyl cutter
Upgraded all public access computers
Upgraded portions of our network and now providing shared storage for projects
Built out our kitchen
Upgraded our electronics bench with new gear
Purchased more electronics bits to provide the public free of charge
Upgraded our 3D printing area with more printers available to the community
Streamlined our event and class hosting process.
Designed and built new programmable soldering badges to offer at conventions.

Proposed layout of new location
A mock-up of our new location is shown below

What we hope to purchase:
The total estimate for all the space improvements is just over $14,000. That is a staggering amount of money for All Hands Active. To secure the lease, All Hands Active used everything we had left in our savings. Without your help, our new space will only be a shell. We need to make our new location feel like a polished new home to ensure our success as we hope to continue growing and impacting the community.

Better electric access 
We presently run an array of small surge protectors and long extension cords. We've had our new location properly wired with lots of outlets to eliminate many of these. We'd love to finish the job by securely mounting power bars to the wall behind each table and installing power drops from our classroom ceiling.

3 power strips (48") @ $50 each = $150
* 1 new bar for our sunlit work area
* 1 new bar in our craft area.
* 1 new bar for the 3D printer area and store display

Total: $150 *PURCHASED!*

Improved security
The new space will offer RFID/NFC/pin based locks on both the building and space entrances. All Hands Active needs to purchase, contract the install, and manage keeping the building secure for us and other tenants. We've already acquired a new camera system to improve monitoring. The new key system will support NFC so many users will be able to use a phone in place of a key card to access the location.

2 RFID/NFC Systems and new tags @ $250 each = $500


Total: $500 *PURCHASED!*

Improved floors
The new location will need floor upgrades to address one of the major issues at our current location (uneven, unable to clean, difficult to locate dropped items). We started with a mix of carpet, 3 types of worn tiles, cracked concrete and damage from previous tenants. We removed all floor coverings, a wall and several counters. A contractor was hired to remove tile glue, grind, and polish the floor to a high gloss. After the concrete work is complete. , we'll trim the edges of the floor to give it a finished look.

New floor @ $6750



Decoration and signage
The new space is a white box. Big, but boring. We'll need to add splashes of color to the existing walls, and have some new signage, business cards, and banners printed with our new address. We can use our vinyl cutter to create signage for our windows and outdoor advertising locations.

Printed signage/banners @ $500

Paint @ $300 *Purchased*

Vinyl/Acrylic for new outdoor signs @ $200


Total $1000

Better seating
Our present selection of chairs is a collection of home and office chairs that were donated. Most of them have become worn and broken. While we do our best to maintain them, some are past their expiration date. We'd hate to have to keep the chair with 2 missing wheels.

19 Matching office chairs from UM property disposition @ $16 each = $304


Total: $304 *PURCHASED!*

More work area
Our present work areas are 8ft laminated folding tables which have seen better days. We've recently completed the build of several nicer wooden work benches. The larger space will call for more tables. We'd prefer larger, finished work benches for in entrance and classroom areas. These will stand up to the daily abuse that our makers put on them. They will also give the space more of a finished feel and less like something we've cobbled together over time.

5 8ft work benches for classroom
* 5 8ft coated Oak tops @ $85 each = $429
* 5 Work bench bottoms @ $90 each = $450
* 5 Sets of heavy duty Casters for new tables @ $40 each = $200

Total: $1079 *About to be ordered*

More storage
In our current location, we've used many plywood shelves and a mixture of old kitchen cabinets. We find the cabinets to be better at organizing and deterring clutter. We hope to add storage cabinets above our work areas. We'd also like to plan for a rolling tool chest that will allow makers to roll the chest to wherever they're working. This will help to avoid repetitive trips across the space to gather tools, and improve tool organization.

10 Steel wall mounted cabinets @ $175 each = $1750

4 for craft/laser area
2 for loud noise room
2 for electronics area *Purchased*
Rolling steel tool chest @ $200 *Purchased*


Total $1950

Upgraded network
The current network at AHA is a mismatch of 10/100 and 1GB switches. We'd like to replace the remaining 10/100 switches and better distribute network connections (wireless and wired) throughout the new space.

Wall plates, cabling and keystone jacks @ $250

1 24 Port 1GB Ethernet switch @ $70

1 16 Port 1GB Ethernet switch @ $35

1 wall mount rack, shelving @ $100


Total: $455 *PURCHASED!*

Classroom improvements
We'll finally have a formal classroom at the new space. We'd like to have movable benches and many of our tools on movable carts. This will make for less disturbance of the work area when classes are going on. In addition, our new classroom will be properly wired for power. We'd like to purchase a larger LCD screen for in classroom class use. We currently move a smaller TV around our space to when we need to present.

Wall mount Large LCD screen @ $750

Podium @ $100 *PURCHASED!*


Total: $850

Additional tools
Adding tools enables new types of projects to be done at All Hands Active. Our wood shop is getting a major overhaul during the move. We would still like to fill gaps with a few additional tools.

Replacement Band saw @ $150

Lathe @ $300


Total: $450


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