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All teeth pulled w/dentures.

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I have been facing health problems since I was 26 years old. Had cancer at that time. Radiation damaged my colon & organs severely but I kept praying & fighting. Went back to be LPN worked for 20+ years then had bowel obstruction. Surgery went left & I was a train wreck. Sent to Emory had 2 major surgeries only have 7 foot of colon left. Food goes right thru me & I have to hook myself up to feedings 16 hours a day. All the treatments & medicines have caused severe mouth & teeth issues. I lost all insurance medical & dental. Was just told by third dentist if I don't get rid of these teeth I will become very sick with infection which is not good because my immune system is terrible. I have checked for help everywhere. I will work for free. I will do what it takes. I am blessed to be alive but now I have this going on & I always took good care of my teeth. I know God is going to make this happen. No more pain & new teeth. I am willing to do anything for help. Please pray & ask God what is wants you to do. I love everyone & I am willing to do anything for you. I have medical bills, medicines & my feedings are very expensive. I would appreciate anything you could do for me.


  • Mitzi Bailey
    • $100 
    • 6 yrs


Vicki Tutt
Rome, GA

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