Alex's Facial Feminization Surgery!

Hi friends!

I’m raising money to help pay for my Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery (also known as FFS)! I wanted to share a little bit of what FFS is, why I’m getting it, and how you can help make this exciting step in my transition happen for me! There are also some great donation incentives from some of my amazing friends listed below!

FFS refers to a set of surgeries that differs for everyone, but describes the modification of non-harmonic facial features and is decisive in the identification of facial gender. For a lot of trans girls, this is essential for safety and survival.

I have been in the process of transitioning since I graduated college. This was a slow process for me, as it took time to open up to the circle of people in which I felt safe expressing my gender identity, expressing it in the way that felt authentic. March of 2020, when I lost my job,  turned out to be a blessing in disguise. For the first time in my adult life, I gained access to health insurance that I could afford and finally became able to start hormone replacement therapy (HRT). I was super nervous to begin this journey of medical transition, but I have truly never felt better or more like myself. For the first time in my life, I’ve felt like my outward appearance is beginning to reflect the way I feel, which is an absolutely incredible feeling.

The only way I can make this happen is leaning on my friends, family, and loved ones. Truly no donation is too small, and I have some exciting gifts for different tiers of donations below, including generous donations of workshops and pieces from some of my favorite artists and me! I will update this list as incentives are claimed, so just make sure to let me know if you’re interested in any of them, and I’ll make sure it gets to you. Thank you so much for being on this essential journey with me, and please feel free to share widely!

Love love love,



Keep an eye on this section for upcoming incentives! I’ll be releasing them periodically :)

If you're donating with the intention on claiming one of these incentives, please let me know by submitting through the contact form on my website (www dot alexmight dot com) so I can reserve your reward and get all necessary shipping info from you!

****$15 - One of any of the following:****

Julia's pasta is SO so good. Can be made with or without egg and comes with choice of pesto or tomato sauce!
Delivered to your door! (Only available in the 5 boroughs)
~ COFFEE WORKSHOP with Zoë DePreta (0/3)
Zoë will provide you with multiple recipes to decide what best suits your taste and brew style. You'll get instructions ahead of time as well as a pre-workshop consultation to cater the workshop to your needs! She can help you perfect your pourover, Chemex, French press, aero press, and moka pot brewing methods!
Zoë has hands down the best taste in coffee of anyone I've ever met. She has training in manual brewing, single origin espresso, latte art, speed, and triangulation from Colectivo!

****$20 - 3 CUSTOM COOKIES by Maddie Atchue****
She made me like sweets!!

****$30 - 4 OZ. CANDLE BY BIMBO CANDLE CO.!****

****$40 - A CUSTOM COMMEMORATIVE MUG! (preview below!)****

****$45-75 sliding scale - One of any of the following:****

~BIRTH CHART READING by Kathryn de la Rosa (0/3)
Kathryn is my fellow Midwest queer, as well as a playwright, dramaturg, and the original Indiana Daily Student astrology columnist. They were born at sunrise in Kentucky during a Virgo full moon, i.e. they're a Pisces sun and rising with a Virgo moon. With their reading, their goal is to demystify the natal wheel (with Astronomy!!) and leave you curious and excited to further explore astrology! (I had a reading with them earlier this spring and it was amazing! I don't want to go to anyone else for a birth chart reading after theirs)
~TAROT READING by Raneem Salem (I've never met someone who understands tarot or people like Raneem! This dude has actually changed my life) (0/5)
~JOB SEARCH/PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION by Sara Ravid (Sara hustles and make it happen for herself like no one I've ever met. She's offering networking assistance, resume/cover letter review, and interview prep! Sara has a wealth of experience in just about any creative industry and is the person I ask when I have any tricky questions about admin and theatre!) (0/2)

****$50 - CUSTOM WOODBURN ART by your favorite gay genderqueer lesbian dad, Provvidenza Catalano (1/3)****
"Let's collaborate on a piece of your choice! Line drawing portraits of you! Your pets! Text! Gay shit! Let's go wild!"

****$65 - BOTH A 4 OZ. CANDLE AND A MUG!****

****$75 - VIRTUAL AUDITION/INTERVIEW SESSION with Emily Tarquin**** (0/5)
Sessions include one 15 minute preparation meeting and one 60 minute rehearsal/run-through. Services include equipment recommendations, correspondence support, website/online material review, noted audition rehearsal and/or interview question practice, and additional support as needed and requested.

Emily Tarquin is the Artistic Producer at Actors Theatre of Louisville and a CSA Casting Director. They have supported over 25 projects this season on various digital and emergent technology platforms and also curated a new series, Louisville Sessions, featuring original music and videos by artists throughout Kentucky. Casting credits at Actors include: Block Association Project by Michael Crowley/Wolf359, The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe, Hype Man: A Break Beat Play by Idris Goodwin, How to Defend Yourself by Lily Padilla, Pipeline by Dominique Morisseau, and God Said This by Leah Nanako Winkler. Tarquin was previously the Artistic Producer at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, where they co-developed, produced and curated the non-traditional programming arm, Off-Center; was the in-house casting director; and produced the Colorado New Play Summit.

****$100 - AUDITION/ACTING COACHING with Jeff White**** (0/3)
Jeff is an actor who can be seen on Yellowstone, The Twilight Zone, House of Cards, How to Get Away with Murder, and Manhattan.
Jeff taught a workshop when I was an apprentice at Actors Theatre of Louisville, and I can personally speak to how incredible he is an actor and teacher. In just our time together at ATL, he absolutely transformed the way that I audition and I left his workshop twice as capable and confident in creating self-tapes. This rate is a steal for what Jeff offers, trust me.

***$200 - CUSTOM TIERED CAKE by Maddie Atchue**** (0/1)
Maddie improv baked a cake in my apartment on my birthday and it changed my life.

****$250 - Personally recorded message of me right after surgery****
I'm vain so you know how badly I want this to happen. If you've ever wanted a  recording of me to send for a friend (or for your own enjoyment!) while I'm still swollen and drugged up, this is your chance! I can do monologues, sing for you, wish someone happy birthday, or curse your enemies! Really open to whatever you want me to say on camera. I have no shame :)

  • Addy Baird 
    • $60 
    • 6 mos
  • Christopher Ewell 
    • $10 
    • 6 mos
  • Olivia Hanson 
    • $50 
    • 7 mos
  • Laura Griskus 
    • $35 
    • 7 mos
  • RYAN Douglass 
    • $50 
    • 9 mos
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