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Update 9/25/2019  The Below Story Was A Campaign Created To Help Raise Support To Help Fund Both Medical Issues & Support Legal Funds. The Majority of Funds Listed Were Uncollected Pledges Should I had reached my Goal. I was never able to reach this goal and no more than $700
Was ever collected. Since Originally launching This Campaign I was the Victim of Lobbyist Torture and was incapacitated for 2 Years and Just Now Relaunching to Secure Donations from any supporters familiar with my story and the Trauma that occurred 4/9/2015 and never was able to secure legal counsel due to Deep State Sabotage and the passing of fake law that excluded 99.99% of citizens.  I was able to secure Legal Counsel pending the transition to Common law that Lyndsey Graham discussed in the Kavanaugh hearing which allowed additional time to raise funds to match a legal sponsor of my case.  

A link to my Story and Profile After learning the Legislative Activism I dedicated 2 years working to get passed turned out to be corrupted and prevented me from the ability to file a civil case due to GA Legislature rejecting to approve the law after I exposed alleged discrimination in a live radio broadcast ultimately leading to the Bill Sponsor being removed from the Legislature: 

  Advocate BIO & BLOG documenting both the adversity and advances hoped for the future resulting from Trump Policies:   

A "Cautionary Tale" about the 20-year Recovery Journey from Predator Grooming to Seeking Justice.

In the Summer of 1972 at the age of 9, my family moved to a new neighborhood near my Mother's place of Employment, a national brand tire manufacturing plant that was the main support for this quaint southern town's economy.  The perfect community to raise a family so my mother thought. The Company owned a ballpark and ran a summer youth recreation program and the company hired an employee's activities representative to provide year-round sporting events, the "Coach" offered adult Softball, a Bowling league, a Basketball league and much more. This Recreation director came with an impressive past resume, former local Juvenile Judge, Youth football Coach, Explorer Scout Master and presumed lifelong pillar of the community. 

He also had the task of distributing payroll checks throughout the tire manufacturing plant. This one payday in the Summer of 1972 is the day that lead to my 30 year Recovery Journey from a living Hell that would begin the day "Coach" handed my mother her paycheck and boasted to her of his impressive resume and said "Hey send your boys down to my summer ballpark and I will keep them busy."  A mother's joy in that her sons would have summers of supervised recreation as a company-sponsored bonus.   Well, this was the summer that I learned the cunning and manipulative practice of Predator Grooming and Seduction.  

On August 12, 1972, after only 2.5 months in to the summer school break where I had unknowingly and unwittingly been being groomed by special treatment and feeling validated due to the new job the "Coach" offered me which was to load the Can Soda Pop drink machines each day when the park closed at 3 pm. On this day only one week into my first big boy job is when my future changed forever when he exposed his privates and began to tell me how if I told anyone "What (I) had done to (him) that my parents would be taken away from me." I froze ......  

The summer was almost over and 5th grade started less than 2 weeks and he would be waiting outside my school at 3 pm and for a solid 2 weeks  while in his Lime Green GMC Jimmy followed slowly behind me on my school bus until I reached home, I'm sure from what I know now as a ritual of grooming and cementing  shame and exerting power over ..... He wormed his way into my family and groomed my parents with his pillar of the community reputation disarming any suspect that it was nothing but a mentor supporting the middle child of 3 boys that was the model of middle child syndrome and a loner personality.  

 Flash forward from then age 9 to now 16 when my father relocated 60 miles away for a new job and allowed me to break free.~   This began the 30-year journey of post abuse coping and adapting through to the recovery from the dark places predator molestation takes you. I have ONE step left and need your Help to Obtain Closure and Justice for myself and if needed be a voice for others.

To read about my journey of what I did to reclaim my life by returning to GA to lay the shame back on the location it started and followed my calling to use my pain to advocate for youth safety advances in the state legislature. I created a 159 county statewide citizen coalition to support the passing of the history-making 2015 Law “Hidden Predator Act” bravely sponsored by GA legislator from Camden County to benefit a VIP Constituent.

January 2, 2014, emotional visit back to the location where my crime began. I finally got the courage to return and file a cold case police report and spontaneously recorded this video. 

Please Donate Now in Increments of $10- $25- $50- $75- $100 or $250 or however you are moved. This Completed Campaign Secures a path to empower the Underdog who had to forge a path absent any law and was lead to help support one.  This is Time-sensitive due to the expiration of new law change.  If you Need additional Documentation of my credentials and 3-year journey please read further or Share on Facebook now after humbly making a  contribution to see proper public policy documentation be recorded to impact future safety resources for prevention awareness. I humbly need your help now.  Please read below comments in petition. Thank you.

Alan Fountain's Website with Social Media Links and a Short Description of His Story and Difficult Journey to Support New Law Change as a GA Predator Survivor

The  Cunning Actions of a Serial Predator are not only inflicted on the target victim but they groom the family system. My loving strong Mother unsolicited came to my support and testified before legislature with me and posted the below statement on my facebook page as to how she was conned on her job to gain access to me at age 9.

"Alan, You are very brave to stand alone for yourself and other victims of predators such as George Wilson.
I know how hard it is to face the very people who probably knew what he was and covered it up.

I remember him approaching me on my job at Martha Mills, and telling me I didn't have to worry about my boys when school was out. I should send them down to Silvertown Ball Park and he would keep you all busy. I have a picture of you sitting in a group of little ballplayers. I wonder how many of those children escaped him because he targeted you instead.

He had a perfect resume former Juvenile Judge, recreation manager for the company. He had many helpers including your unwitting, dysfunctional parents. I entertained him at my home. I allowed him to worm his way into my family. I purchased gifts for him and his family.
Unlike you I don't care what the people in Thomaston learn or don't learn from this tragedy, sometimes we reap what we sow.

I wish success for you in all your endeavors, especially now with the overwhelming fight you are fighting to make predators and their accomplices accountable for their actions. I believe this crime should not have a statute of limitations because murder does not and molestation of a child is "Murder of the Soul."
This child never knows what his or her life could have been if they had not been molested and threatened and shamed by his molester. Much Love"
January 2, 2014  Visit back to the scene of my crime after decades had passed hoping to begin the closure process.

Help Alan Fountain Finalize his Journey to Effect Lasting Changes in GA by Activating  Legal Documentation and a Victim Impact Statement.  This is Necessary for Any Public Policy Data to be Documented and Actually Impact Future Policy Research Improving Next  Generations Victim Rights. Legal Precedents Must Be Set to Be Impactful for the Future and All current cases under the new GA "Hidden Predator Act" Need to Be Reviewed by Expert Legal Counsel to Impact these Future Changes.  

This Petition with the COMPELLING comments from citizens from this GA community is unusual and passionately show support for my closure and Mindful Changes for Youth. Compelling Comments and signatures from Citizens 

Explanation of the Grooming Dynamics defined by the National Center for Victims of Crime.

(The Below Paragraphs Provide Support Data to My Story and details what's needed to go from Survivor to Thriver that led to my Calling to reclaim my Stolen Power by Advocating for Legislative Law Reforms with Civil Statute of Limitations.)

I am Asking for an Amicable Closure Agreement to Secure Past and Future Medical Expenses Due to the Injuries incurred from Predator Grooming and Molestation from my youth Baseball Coach and a former Juvenile Judge from ages 9 to 16.  There were not many avenues to even begin a dialogue without advocating for a change in the Law and my predator would have never likely been mentioned in public after a lifetime of thriving in my youth community as an offender.

I often smile in Facebook Pictures although like Many Men also Struggle with Surrendering their Pride and Dignity regarding sharing the Dark and very personal Side of Predator Abuse.  I am dealing with this aspect in Private with family,  close friends, and the appropriate recovery professionals.  My Quality of Life Interuptions both Professionally and Personally have been Marketedly Notable due to this Crime as is Common with Most Survivors.  A Stolen Life Unless it can be Used Productively to Help Others.

The Centers for Disease Control and Kaiser Permanente conducted a Study to Learn How Youth Trauma Impacts Future Health.  I Do know a Survivors opportunity to "Present a personal Impact Statement" legally and feel "Heard" and "Supported" can positively Impact their Future Quality of Life and likeliness to THRIVE.  

The Below Report Highlights and Predicts Probable Decline in Quality of Life of Victims of Youth Trauma versus those who reclaim their personal power and get the recovery care for these predicted outcomes over
the course of their lifetime.     CDC  (Centers for Disease Control)  ACES  ( Adverse Childhood Experiences Study)  On MALTREATMENT Leading to Future HEALTH RISKS.    

Please Listen to this powerful  TED Talk speaking on the findings of the above report which highlights these facts in a moving presentation by Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris. This 2014 TED Talk has been viewed over 2 million times.    TED Talk on How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime.

It Took 2.5 years of Grueling Work to Help Change (Statute of Limitations) "SOL"  Laws  Before any GA Attorney Would Consider Accepting a Representation Agreement.  In GA "SOL" Expires at age 23 and National Forensic Data Supports Victims Usually Won't Come Forward Until on average around age 40. This is why the average predator Will and Can Molest statistically 120 -260  victims over the course of their lifetime. They rarely have consequences due to legislative loopholes.  

I Have at Great Odds Secured Best Firm to Help Me Conclude My Journey for Change Pending My Ability to Deposit 2nd Part of a Retainer Agreement. $17,500 for 2nd Installment to secure a legal evaluation seeking reimbursement for past and future "medical care" and for past lost work revenue while seeking "recovery treatment".  The expenses have been catastrophic.  This process can help set precedents for future victim rights. 

"The serial killer has the same personality characteristics as the sex offender against children"  -Dr. Mace Knapp, Nevada State Prison Psychologist  
(Tap Above hyperlink for all the statistics.)

 Currently, only 13 Cases Have Been Considered in GA thus far indicating the bias when drafting the law at the taxpayers' expense and Not Certain Which Will Be Accepted by the Legal System Utilizing the recently passed 2015 Law  - The  "Hidden Predator Act".  There is a Legal Clause Known as "Non-Monetary Settlement Agreements"  Where Victims Who Get to File a Claim Can attempt to Negotiate Age Appropriate Prevention Education to be Implemented in Communities if desired by Citizens Where Abuse Occurred.  

Alan Fountain seated in the front row left waiting to testify before the GA Senate. This was my 5th public Testimony during the 2015 legislature. I worked tirelessly non stop for over 2 years educating the public to request a 2 Year "Window" to eliminate civil (Statute of Limitations). The benefit was to have a legal forum to publicly identify perpetrators who escaped criminal consequences. It was grueling work. Law is amended and effective from July 2015 until July 2017 but has very specific arbitrary language.  The bill draft went through revision after revision until it became really limited in its effectiveness. This is why test cases like mine are vital for future legislation to learn pros and cons to public safety.

This was my initial goal to use my "Cautionary Tale" for a Good Cause and Heal my Life.  It is VITAL to Raise These Funds Now as the LAW Change Expires July 2017 and Likely Never to Advance Again In My Lifetime due to the Powerful Opposing Lobbyist Branches Influences.
I Have Made Extreme Emotional and Economic Sacrifices to My Personal Life to Advocate for both Myself and by so doing benefitted Thousands of Disenfranchised Survivors Across the State, the Nation and Only Wish for this Accomplishment to not go Undocumented Legally.  

I Have Not Asked for any Private or Community-based Financial Support Until  Now as I felt It Was Absolutely Mandated to Complete this Vital Advocacy Journey.  I Have Likely Volunteered over 4000+  Hours Over a 2.5 Year Period to Advance this Cause while living on a humble fixed income in Hopes of Minimizing Human Suffering Due to this Pandemic. The CDC estimates (1 in 4) Girls and (1in 6) Boys Will Experience Perpetrator Sex Abuse before age 18.  
Please Circulate this Campaign and Write a Short Note Asking Your Friends To Help AlanFountain  Help Our Future Wounded Youth Have "Hope" and also Support the  Now Adult Survivor Population by  completing this journey to be one of the Few Rare Cases to Secure Legal Counsel needed to secure "future medical quality of life resources" setting a legal precedent for both GA and the Nation to reference when  creating Public Policy and future legislation. The legal documentation is paramount for each state to be awarded tax dollars to benefit prevention and survivor services.  Use Hashtags:  #csa  #MenToo  #supportthewin  #letters4support
Warmest regards,
Alan Fountain

Alan Fountain Photo was taken in the office of my personal district House of Representative that I was able to inspire to co-sponsor this new bill so it would be a Bi-Partisan Bill and reflect a balanced point of view. This was on the last day of Senate testimony after having testified 5 previous times during the 2015 GA legislative session. Many thanks to GA legislators and Governor Nathan Deal for signing this new law "Hidden Predator Act"   Effective only 2 years from July 2015 to July 2017. Only 13 cases are being considered and need your help to not get left behind.  Most gratefully, Alan Fountain 
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