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"Al Joshua is one of the most original and daring singer-songwriters I've come across in the last fifteen years. He first came to my attention via his outstanding debut album with Orphans and Vandals "I Am Alive And You Are Dead" and justified that early belief with his solo record "Out of The Blue" last year. I've always believed Al's music and poetry deserved a far wider audience. I'm also convinced that his best work is yet to come." - Tom Robinson, BBC6

I've worked with Al on all his recording projects, from Orphans & Vandals "I am alive and you are dead", (back when he was supporting bands like The Fall and getting booed for his queer lyrics), through the film soundtrack for "Set the Thames on Fire" (Al also wrote the script), to "Out of the Blue" (produced despite the fact that both of us were physically knocked out at the time, me after my accident, Al with his lung issues), and I even helped him clean up and release the collection of weird songs and stories he recorded at home on his phone while shielding during lockdown. Each project was unique and exciting. To call him a singer-songwriter is almost reductive. I believe in Al's work and the lack of industry support for and interest in his music breaks my heart. I've heard a few of the new songs for his next album and I'm so excited to get into the studio and record them. Please check out some of Al's music and discover this mostly undiscovered artist. Consider donating to this project, sharing the page or anything else you can do to support this album. I've put links below and you can also read Al's artist's notes.

Al hasn't let any lack of industry support, illness or other issues stop him creating amazing stuff. But now we need some help to continue. Help us make a new exciting record for these dreary times.

Please check Al out on his instagram at

Thanks, Tim - Viva

Greetings friends and strangers.


Dark times are upon us again, I know. Sorrow and exhaustion surround us. The bad men are in the ascendant and seem to have us, and the sun sets on ruins of one kind or another. But it is, de profundis, from the depths, that we sing. For me this means to create. And to keep on creating until my time runs out. If I stop to dally or rest, I am wasting time and wasting the best part of myself. 


It is true that alcohol slowed me down, but I am two years out of the bottle, and I have no plans to crawl back inside. Illness stopped me in my tracks, but I have jumped out of my sick bed. Delusion and depression too have pecked at my liver, but I shall grow another and creating is how I will do it. William Blake sang, “How can a bird that is born for joy, sit in a cage and sing?” Words and tunes are upon me. Good lord, song is upon me! The dancing plague of 1518 is upon me! Fetch me down my old guitar. Roll me to that broken piano – let me hit the keys bent hell for leather. 


I’ve got 18 or so new songs and I need to get into the studio with my ragtag army and record a new ragtag album for these ragtag times. “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.” I have always tried to be bold with my work and now I am asking for aid. Seek and ye shall find. Ask and ye shall be given. Squeaky wheel catchee monkey. Even Indiana Jones had to take a leap of faith to get across the invisible bridge to see that old knight. 


So, is there a knot at the end of the rope? Do we have a snowball’s chance in hell? Is there a giant snake hiding in the river? Will it rain after the drought? For me there is only one way to find out. It is time, as Whitman wrote, to unscrew the locks from the doors and then the doors themselves from the jambs. I don’t mean to sound flippant, but things are quite serious sirs and madams. I am Lassie and there is trouble at the old mill. Please buy lemonade at my lemonade stand. Get in this little red toy wagon and let me pull you up and down the street - it may not seem much, but it will get you there. 


I suppose what I am trying to say is please donate to this fund for my new album for all these reasons and any others you can think of and we will try to recompense you with joyous music and also some tokens of affection soon available on Patreon
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